Footfall Traffic Increased Over 20% Via Outdoor Stall

- Apr 21, 2020-

Footfall traffic increased over 20% via "Outdoor stall" 

April 19 that the "Outdoor stall" restrictions have been relaxed for the first weekend since the "Four New Actions". (For details, please poke) So how effective is the temporary swing out on consumption? What will happen to the market after the swing conditions are relaxed?

From April 16th to April 19th, the "Wonderful Market" and garden tour activities were held at the outdoor corridor of the Golden Eagle Mall in Xinjiekou, Nanjing. There were 41 stalls outside the market, including food, drink and fun. aspect. This is the first temporary swing out of the Xinjiekou commercial district after the "four new" action plan, and this way of swinging out of the market is more in line with the tastes of young people. The reporter learned that the four-day temporary swing-out time not only brought sales growth to the market stalls, but the temporary swing-out also brought a 20% increase in traffic to the mall.

This data undoubtedly injected a stimulant into the commercial recovery of Nanjing under the epidemic. In the interview, many businesses are very optimistic about the temporary swing model, hoping to join them. "Now the sales volume has reached 60% or 70% of the usual time. We hope that the sales will affect the sales during the epidemic. The company will participate in each outreach sale. It cherishes the opportunity and hopes to increase sales." Female Ms. Gao, the head of the shoe merchant said.

The head of Xinbai Shopping Center in Xinjiekou, Nanjing said that the current sales model of the merchants in the shopping mall is very optimistic, and everyone's enthusiasm for participation is rising. "Physical merchants are selling outside in front of the door. From the perspective of last weekend's sales, they are very good, and they are effectively supplemented. Both the Xinjiekou Administrative Committee and the fire protection have opened up a green channel for us to implement the policy, and the policy has been implemented to help outdoor sales. Landing. At present, we are planning to use international sports and international beauty as the main exterior brands, and we will also consider women's shoes and comprehensive product supplements in the future. "Xue Yuan, deputy general manager of Nanjing Xinbai Shopping Mall, said.

The person in charge said that the mall has already had a preliminary idea, is preparing a unified implementation plan, and then will report to the relevant government departments. "Next to prepare for May 1st, we have prepared very good brands, very good merchandise, very good promotional efforts, and the May 1st swing event is very outstanding. In late May of this year, we also want to hold the Xinjiekou market event, It is a concentrated merchandise event promotion, an activity that young people like to see, and practice new consumption, especially the night economy. "Xue Yuan said.

What should the "Outdoor stall" be?

In Nanjing Xinjiekou Financial Business District Management Committee, the person in charge said that after the release of the "Four New" action plan, they promptly implemented the relevant measures for temporary outsourcing. The current requirement is that individual merchants in the business circle cannot directly apply, and the application should be made with the mall as the main body.

"In Xinjiekou, businesses and shopping malls are relatively dense. Xinjiekou resources first serve Xinjiekou merchants. Each merchant collects the ideas of internal brands and forms a plan. We propose optimization proposals for the plan and then implement them." Xu Shuguang, secretary of Nanjing Xinjiekou Administrative Committee, said.

The person in charge said that for the conditions and methods of temporary swinging out, the requirements of the management committee are that they must conform to the positioning of Xinjiekou commercial district. Previously, considering the overall environment of the Xinjiekou commercial district, the restrictions on temporary swinging out were relatively strict. In the context of promoting consumption, the restrictions on temporary outward swings have been relaxed. "In the past, the management requirements for temporary swings were relatively high. After the outbreak, in order to restore popularity and implement the" four new ", we have relaxed the conditions in this area and opened limited public resources to merchants as long as they can formulate We will agree to a plan to drive consumption in the Xinjiekou area for a period of time. The previous swing time is relatively short, and as long as the plan is good, they will be allowed to continue swinging. "Xu Shuguang said.

The person in charge said that many large-scale shopping malls have recently applied for swing-out. While swing-out implementation, they will also strengthen the management of relevant aspects. "The format of the merchant's exterior must conform to the image of the Xinjiekou commercial district; the exterior facilities also have requirements, and comprehensive consideration should be given to safety and other factors. It is necessary to ensure the popularity of Xinjiekou and the normal production safety order." Xu Dawn said.

So what conditions must be met to swing out? Can ordinary individual businesses be placed outside? The relevant person in charge of the Nanjing Qinhuai District Urban Management Bureau said that before the National Holiday in 2020, Nanjing relaxed the restrictions on temporary swings, and all districts chose to have swinging conditions, unified blocks for operation and management, commercial outdoor squares and open parks. Reasonably set the swing-out area, standardize swing-out facilities, and scientifically set swing-out periods. However, temporary swings cannot be equated to leaning out of doors, and some self-employed households such as fruit shops and vegetable shops cannot relax their management requirements. "There must be a management plan, the scope should be within the red line, and the location, venue, and time must meet the corresponding conditions. The Commerce Bureau in the district is looking at the location, and multiple departments are working together to develop relevant measures." Nanjing Qinhuai District Urban Management Bureau staff said.

Experts said that in response to the impact of the epidemic, Nanjing implemented the three steps of “going out and spending peace of mind”, “going out and lighting Nanjing,” and “going out and celebrating the Spring Festival” to guide citizens out of their homes and consume with confidence. The relaxation of temporary outward swing restrictions is just another powerful measure for government departments to promote consumption growth.