Face Recognization Rasing Rapidly

- Dec 16, 2017-

The year 2017 is the outbreak of face recognition, and this view is being recognized by more industry. Explosion, can be read from two aspects, one is the growth of face recognition enterprises, and the two is the intensive release of financing information. In July, Tang technology completed a $410 million B round of financing; the end of October, open technology completed a $460 million C round of investment; at the end of 11, from the cloud technology announced the completion of 500 million yuan of B round of financing; the same month, the "financial" magazine said, Tang technology or 1 billion 500 million yuan investment in Alibaba.

In 2017, face recognition is hot and hot, and it is not easy to die out. It is the most serious news.

The smell of capital is always the most sensitive. The field of face recognition shows a leaping financing scene, allowing outsiders to smell the face recognition technology "money". In 2017, the market demand accelerated release and the AI industrial policy dividend was promoted. The face recognition industry has entered the "fast lane". According to the survey report of the foresight Industry Research Institute, the market of face recognition is expected to maintain two digit growth in the next five years, and the market scale will exceed 6 billion mark by 2022.

"Facial recognition market money King vast is the brightest capital eyes" xiangbobo". At present, many domestic and foreign well-known enterprises are active in the field layout, including large Haikang HUAWEI representatives security veteran enterprises, such as the Shang Tang, open AI for having heard it many times the unicorn, and BAT and other Internet giants. As far as market development is concerned, the competition of face recognition is increasingly fierce.

From a round of high financing amount, we can hear the hurried footsteps of the company's hoarding of grain. Face recognition erupted night, no one went to sleep. With the financing of 2017, the focus of face recognition companies is to dig out commercial scenes. Who can change into a unicorn from industry giants, the market needs to be verified.

At present, the main battlefield of face recognition is the safety and defense. Face recognition four unicorns have repeatedly said in the interview that security is the next key layout area for enterprises.

Why do face recognition start-ups have a single case of security? In addition to the security market, it has just been obvious that there are so many face recognition enterprises in the "phase" security reasons. Safe city, public security combat, traffic safety control and other security scenes have a great demand for face recognition products. At the moment of high definition of video surveillance, face recognition technology is an important part of building a safe city. Through face recognition technology and deep learning algorithm, city monitoring can save structured video monitoring data, and analyze and mine key information, so as to prevent in advance. In the practical application of public security, face recognition technology can be called stunning. In the past year, the Lianyungang public security organ has provided more than 1000 valuable clues and more than 200 key personnel. In the field of traffic safety, face recognition technology provides a new way of thinking for the management of "Chinese crossing". The face recognition system has been started in Shenzhen, Ji'nan and so on. Ji'nan took a month to capture more than 6000 illegal activities, and the red light was obviously reduced.

In addition to the examples mentioned above, the entrance guard attendance, financial security, intelligent community, intelligent city and other fields, all have a certain demand for face recognition products. To this end, many face recognition start-ups have taken security as a battleground. The fire scene at the Shenzhen Expo also confirms the importance of face recognition enterprises to the security market.

Thanks to national support in government guidance, project support and capital investment, the field of face recognition will continue to play the role of attracting money in the next 1-2 years, and more capital, technology and businesses will swarm into it. In 2018, face recognition was just beginning.