Face Recognition Camera Help Smart Passenger Flow Analysis

- Jan 29, 2019-

1. Integrating purchase, sale and storage, passenger flow analysis and monitoring.

So what does a complete passenger flow statistics system include? Give us the best answer. Passenger flow analysis, monitoring and integration form a set of intelligent store monitoring and analysis system, real-time monitoring of the shop's daily operating conditions, recording customers from the store to the transaction process tracking records, such as the rate of entry, turnover rate, unit price, turnaround rate and other key operating data indicators, to provide store operators with accurate and effective data basis.

2. Precise passenger flow data

The data backstage is directly mounted on Qinsi APP. The statistical function of passenger flow can calculate the daily and weekly passenger flow, passenger flow trend, unit price, conversion rate and other related data of the shop, combining with the sales report and customer management function of the system. You can have a clearer understanding of the daily passenger flow data, and can provide data such as "inbound passenger flow-transaction customer-repurchase customer". And analyze the problems of the stores, according to the actual situation, we can specify the more suitable operation plan of the stores.

3. Real-time monitoring and control!

How to manage a store when you go out? Want to know the working status of store employees? Supporting the remote monitoring of mobile phones, you can patrol stores online anytime and anywhere on mobile phones. This function is also different from other video surveillance.

You can also manage stores when you go out.

Mobile phone in hand, you can inspect the daily business activities of different stores, real-time display of goods, daily sales of shop staff, store safety, sales transaction process and many other contents of remote monitoring. In this way, you can be free from the store, have more time and energy to consider the long-term development of the store, a mobile phone can quickly grasp the daily operating conditions of the store! Is it very convenient? And as high as 1080p full HD resolution, image details are clear and delicate, let you optimize the store from the details, to do better! 

This set of complete passenger flow statistics system is really a great good news for real stores. It brings more sales opportunities for chain retail and physical stores, helps businesses quickly upgrade ordinary stores to intelligent stores, realizes data-based and intelligent management, effectively improves the transaction rate of physical stores and enhances sales volume.