Tianjin High-speed Video Surveillance Full Coverage Added 1153 High-definition Electronic Eyes

- Oct 12, 2018-

It was learned from the traffic control department that a few days ago, Tianjin Expressway added 1153 high-definition video surveillance points to achieve full coverage of highway video surveillance. After the system is fully used, it can automatically detect abnormal traffic events such as traffic jams, traffic accidents, illegal parking and other alarms in real time, and the three levels of management platforms such as the Traffic Management Bureau, the high-speed detachment and the brigade will be separated for the first time. At the same time, the system can accurately collect and analyze the predicted traffic changes, which helps the high-speed traffic police to accurately use the police, improve the level of refined management, and minimize the impact on traffic. In addition, it can also restore the process before and after the traffic accident, providing powerful video evidence for analyzing the cause of the accident, determining the responsibility of the accident, and detecting the accident and escape cases.
Proactive detection improves incident response speed
Traffic accidents, serious illegal acts, traffic congestion, reduced visibility and other anomalies often bring safety hazards to highway traffic. These incidents need to be discovered and disposed of as early as possible. However, in the past, high-speed traffic police driving road inspections or 110 alarms, discovery and disposal time Serious lag.
After the video surveillance system is enabled, the traffic police conducts 24-hour full-line network patrol and real-time monitoring on the three-level command platform. “The fixed camera in the video surveillance point is the 'Clairvoyance' that realizes the automatic detection function. It can automatically analyze, judge and track the position, size and motion track of objects on the high-speed road surface within the defined range, and find the abnormality. Automatically pushed to the video management platform, the traditional passive alarm is turned into active detection screening, which greatly improves our response speed to traffic incidents and shortens the processing time. Li Guowei, deputy section chief of the High Speed Detachment Order Division, said.
The advanced technology facilities are inseparable from the information center processing. The three-level monitoring platforms set up in the traffic control bureau command center, high-speed detachment and brigade can simultaneously conduct video inspections in real time to form a joint force of supervision, which can find each one more quickly and completely. Class exceptions.
Helping to detect "no clue" accident
In addition, the high-definition video surveillance system of Auto Watchdog Electronics Co.,Ltd has also played a key role in the traffic police's analysis of traffic accidents, responsibility identification and the cracking of accidents. Some traffic accidents that seem to have “no clue” in the past are quickly checked with the help of the monitoring system. Know the truth. "The high-definition camera can enable the traffic police to grasp important case information in the first time, save the process of 'sea election' suspect vehicles in local sections, screen video by frame, and eliminate suspects by car, greatly improving the efficiency of the case." Traffic police high-speed detachment Zheng Xueqing, deputy commander of the accident brigade said.
Not only that, the highway video surveillance system of Auto Watchdog Electronics Co.,Ltd also has the real-time supervision function of the road network operation status, automatically analyzes the traffic flow changes and intelligent processing, forming text, picture, video, road map and other forms of road network information, the traffic control department according to the data The analysis can accurately dispatch the police force in real time, and release the dynamic traffic information to the public for traffic guidance at the first time to realize the dynamic adjustment of the traffic flow and make the road network smoother.