4 Subway Stations In Guangzhou Will Enable Face Recognition And Security Upgrades

- Oct 25, 2018-

Wanshengwei Station A, Zhujiang New Town Station B1, Jiahe Wanggang Station B and Sports West Road Station E

Jin Yang network reporter Chen Zeyun, correspondent Li Liyun, Feng Maosheng photo report: Recently, people passing through the subway stations such as Zhujiang New Town and Wanshengwei will find that there is an additional security door near the entrance checkpoint. See picture above). The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Metro that in order to improve the security of passenger travel safety, we will accumulate experience for the research of new models of non-intelligence and security, and explore a smart city travel service system that meets the needs of future development, following the "management security check, physical security check Under the premise of the principle of "machine", starting from October 26, the Guangzhou Metro will use new technologies for product security inspection and human security inspection. Among them, Wanshengwei Station A and other four subway stations will take the lead in piloting real-name certification security inspection.

Four subway stations pilot real-name certification

According to reports, Guangzhou Metro cooperated with Guangzhou Jiadu Data Service Co., Ltd. and Auto Watchdog Electronics to carry out real-name certification security inspection channels.

The real-name certification channel will be piloted at Wanshengwei Station A, Zhujiang New Town Station B1, Jiahe Wanggang Station B and Sports West Road Station E. Through the face recognition function, passengers can be authenticated by real-name, which can further improve the risk factors. The accuracy rate enhances the security of passenger travel safety.

On the afternoon of the 24th, the reporter visited and found that the equipment at the above sites is in place. The real-name authentication channel is set next to the original security channel, and the face recognition function and the scanning QR code function are on the machine in front of the security door.

Passengers only need to download the official APP of Guangzhou Metro in advance, and carry out real-name authentication and face collection in the smart security check (sector) to open the “Smart Security” function. After successful opening, the real-name authentication security channel can be passed through the face.

It is reported that after the security check channel is started, it is possible to achieve the duty of no security personnel.

Personal information is limited to smart security use

It is worth noting that the registration of mobile phones involves collecting the privacy information of passengers. Guangzhou Metro said that at present, the APP registration function of the smart security check has completed the security test. At the same time, the public security department has authorized the Guangzhou Metro to obtain passenger identity information for smart security inspections. The Guangzhou Metro has also built a smart security cloud platform in the data center.

According to the person in charge, the “Smart Security” function is voluntarily opened by passengers, and the relevant information collected is limited to smart security inspection. Other partners do not retain relevant information.

Article security and human security inspections are fully upgraded

In addition to the pilot real-name certification, Guangzhou Metro also cooperated with Bowei Taihez Information Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out a new security check channel for terahertz.

The channel is located at the A port of Huadu Square Station. It uses terahertz light waves and advanced imaging technology to detect metal, ceramic, powder, liquid, colloids and other items carried by passengers. There is no ionization or electromagnetic radiation. Different from the existing security inspection channels, the terahertz new security inspection channel can not only detect the metal materials carried by passengers, but also supplement the detection of non-metallic substances, which can further improve the control of the safe operation of the subway.

In addition, for the security inspection of goods, the Guangzhou Metro will use the “concentration charting” system in the three stations of Wanshengwei, Zhujiang New Town and Jiahe Wanggang. The system adopts advanced image real-time transmission technology and has the function of artificial intelligence assisted judgment. It will change the current status of relying on the visual inspection image of security inspectors, and effectively improve the accuracy of the security inspectors and the accuracy of dangerous goods identification. .