28/5000 Dà Shùjù Fù Néng Jiāotōng! Shēnzhèn Wǎng Yuē Bāshì Liǎng Nián Lěijì Fúwù 400 Wàn Réncì Big Data Empowers Traffic! Shenzhen Network Has A Total Of 4 Million Passengers In Two Years.

- Oct 25, 2018-

Big data technology can also be used for subway operations

In fact, big data technology can not only develop network buses, but also promote the diversified development of public transportation. It also has important value in the field of subway operations.

Passenger flow is a reflection of the characteristics of urban social and economic activities, lifestyles and the transportation system itself. The in-depth analysis of passenger flow can assist the subway to carry out all-round safety management, refined operation scheduling and smart-induced travel. Auto Watchdog developed the subway passenger flow analysis engine to analyze the subway travel dynamics from people Counter analysis, real-time monitoring, forecasting and early warning, as well as site, line and line network.

The reporter learned that with the opening of Shenzhen Metro Lines 7, 9 and 11, the engine was first applied to the Shenzhen Metro passenger flow real-time broadcast system (TOS), and the TOS system released the passenger flow and congestion status of the line network in real time, inducing the passenger avoidance line. The network congestion interval provides guidance for smart travel.

Metro Passenger Flow Analysis Engine 2.0 is under development

According to Auto Watchdog Electronicls, the current passenger flow analysis engine 2.0 is being developed. Based on the real-time data of swipe and scan code, it can accurately construct a dynamic early warning model based on the passenger flow characteristics of the station to realize operational accidents, emergencies, bad weather and holidays. Monitoring and early warning of large passenger flow events in various scenarios.

With the rapid development of social economy, the continuous expansion of urban scale and the acceleration of urbanization, the number of motor vehicles and road traffic has increased sharply. Urban traffic problems such as traffic congestion and security accidents have intensified, and between transportation supply and demand. The contradiction is highlighted. The explosive growth of big data provides a new way for the transportation industry to improve service levels and improve management capabilities.

According to the introduction, relying on the Transportation Big Data Center to provide data support in passenger flow forecasting and early warning, resource allocation, travel safety, etc., to provide innovative applications and services to the public, to provide intelligent management for the industry, to provide intelligent means for the government, and empower traffic. The Beidouyuan actively applies advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to industries such as public transportation, airports, and logistics, providing strong technical support for efficient and safe operation of the industry.

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