China Police Departmenet Keep Hot Demands On Mobile Digital Video Recorder

- Oct 22, 2018-

In the past two years, under the continuous empowerment of AI, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies, the public security policing has ushered in tremendous changes and upgrades from business model to police efficiency. This is in the field of mobile police. It is also evident.

In terms of policies, the Ministry of Public Security explicitly requested to speed up the construction of the mobile police application system, and expand the application of public security information from desktop applications to mobile terminals to maximize the law enforcement quality and service efficiency of public security organs. Under such a policy background, at present, the public security organs of various provinces and municipalities are constantly increasing the allocation rate of mobile police terminals, and gradually completing the transition from paper to online to the "handheld" police law enforcement model.

Achieving 100% coverage of all police types is the goal of many local public security organs, and this means that the purchase of terminal equipment alone requires a huge investment. Taking Wuhan as an example, the number of police officers in Wuhan is about 20,000. By the end of last year, Wuhan had allocated nearly 20,000 4G mobile digital video recorder equipments, and the first nationwide mobile police terminal was realized. Police equipment.

In order to alleviate the financial pressure of centralized procurement, at present, the industry has developed a “lease-to-build” model, and the formation of this model is also the result of cooperation between equipment technology platform suppliers, operators and public security users.

According to Wang Wei, deputy director of marketing department of Suzhou Kede Mobile Industry, for the current mobile policing and mobile surveillance business, from the perspective of equipment vendors, there are mainly these major business models:

The first is a traditional project-based business model. Government and public security users centrally purchase the entire set of mobile monitoring equipment and systems according to project needs, and buy out at one time.

The second is the operation mode, which is the current mode of operation of government-purchased services. Government users do not need to purchase hardware equipment. Equipment vendors will cooperate to collect operating service fees on a yearly basis, similar to the PPP and BT models of the project market. . This is also the way the government and public security departments mentioned above are “built by rent”.

"As a device and service provider, we can provide such a service, such as packaging mobile devices including terminal devices and platform software together into a set of services and then allowing users to choose to purchase. In this process, users do not need a one-time buyout, only need According to a certain number of years, the service fee can be paid on time, and the trouble of buying the equipment and finding the cost to find someone to carry out maintenance is eliminated." Wang Hao added.

In the traditional construction of a safe city, the construction cost of video surveillance is generally not as high as the subsequent maintenance cost. In this context, for the user unit, the product and service application of the mobile monitoring system is obtained by purchasing the service. From the perspective of cost and convenience, it is very feasible.

Zero yuan purchase contract machine mode

The third type is the mode of cooperation with operators. It is an innovative attempt of the current mobile monitoring service. It can refer to the smartphone contract machine mode promoted by communication carriers. The rise of this model is closely related to the application mode of mobile police terminals. It is well known that mobile police terminals are generally operated through the operator's network, so it can be said that equipment vendors and operators are natural partners.

"In the mobile policing business, our products can also be used as a contract machine through the operator channel to provide options for end users, and products that conform to this type of cooperation mode are not limited to mobile police terminals. This kind of mobile phone equipment also includes law enforcement recorders or vehicle monitoring series." Wang Wei said.

It is understood that Kodak is currently communicating with the major operators in this piece of detail, and some products have already settled in the operator's contract machine warehousing plan. In addition to Kodak, other players involved in mobile policing-related businesses, and a considerable number of models in the implementation of mobile policing terminal contract machines.

For example, in the implementation of the smart new police strategy in Guangdong Province, as the provider of customized dual-system solutions for mobile police services, the Thai-Taiwan defense. When talking about the zero-yuan purchase contract machine model, Song Qingdong, president of Zhutai Defense, mentioned that for operators, the operator specially issued a two-year package for the industry-customized mobile phone (mobile police terminal), which can realize the professional package. For the government, public security and other fields, users only need to spend a certain amount of communication fees per month to enjoy the right to use smart mobile terminals, to meet the application needs of front-line law enforcement and public servants' daily work/life.

At present, in the mobile police and mobile surveillance business, many products and service providers will adopt the second or third business model. Is there any difficulty in the implementation of such models? According to Wang Hao’s analysis, for operators Because there is accumulated experience in the same business model in the smart phone field, nowadays it is just replacing the smart phone with the mobile monitoring device. The mode is the same, but in the mobile monitoring service, the operator is facing the public security. Users of government departments such as transportation and transportation need to make targeted adjustments in specific cooperation processes and details.

On the whole, in the process of actively implementing the goal of public security science and technology information construction, the implementation of the lease construction and contract machine model is an innovative attempt for equipment manufacturers, users and operators, and this will also be It is a process of gradual exploration. The application of such more feasible solutions will further accelerate the popularization and deepening of smart new police applications.