China New Policy May Progressive Vehicle CCTV System

- Oct 24, 2017-

A few days ago, "Guangzhou city taxi passenger vehicle technical management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations" ") in Guangzhou Shijiaowei official website announced, said provisions, from August 1st onwards, Guangzhou taxi will be in accordance with the requirements of the installation of video surveillance and intelligent vehicle system, then, in the 21 thousand Guangzhou super series will continue to implement a taxi the vehicle video monitoring system installation.

Will the policy push the vehicle monitoring market into a big outbreak?

Taxi to install video surveillance becomes mandatory, before Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, the Hangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin, Hefei, Jiaxing, Wenzhou and many other city have issued the relevant regulations, proposed by the network monitoring system to realize centralized control of the traffic control department of city level tens of thousands of taxi, taxi to enhance the overall quality of service at the same time. And for the safety of drivers and passengers, the installation of surveillance systems will also provide an extra layer of security.

Mandatory policy, whether will drive the vehicle monitoring market ushered in a large outbreak? In this regard, some experts said: the in vehicle cctv system can really give us drivers surveiallance, passengers counting, transport and passenger flow traffic management, transportation, public security departments and other enterprise management level personnel provides favorable help, this is the market rapid promotion foundation is very favorable the. With the capital city as the first place, the vast majority of provincial capitals in China need to install video surveillance system. In addition, through the survey of 314 prefecture level cities in China, we found that more than 32% of the city has installed video surveillance system, and will be deployed at a faster rate in the next 1-2 years."

From the statistics in 2016 the number of national 31 provincial capital city taxi, the taxi number of city top ten, basically maintained at more than 1w+, of course, like Beijing 6w+, Shanghai 4w+, Tianjin 3w+, the big city high density city transport supply scale. In addition, we only do the taxi statistics, if is the Internet about the car, passenger bus, bus and other types of city transportation, vehicle monitoring market size is considerable, and, with the strengthening of the regulatory authorities of the city traffic information management needs, and on the level of service industry market value will deepen to promote the future of vehicle monitoring, the popularity of intelligent terminal system of vehicle.

Compulsory installation of video surveillance, privacy theory?

In fact, as early as last year in Guangzhou issued the provisions of the comments, had set off a discussion about privacy when it is mentioned in the provisions of privacy protection measures, provisions in the use of audio and video data, should ensure that the information security in accordance with the relevant provisions of the protection of personal privacy of drivers and passengers.

The main function of the camera inside the taxi is to urge the driver to operate according to law. Once the dispute arises, it can be the basis of the verdict. And taxi strictly belongs to quasi public place, the camera on taxi can also play the role of public security monitoring. But for security monitoring applications, the privacy of users seems to have never been questioned. Therefore, in fact, many security equipment providers will take into account such factors, one is to strengthen the physical and network security equipment, strengthen the security level settings. Two is to set strict authority management, in the monitoring material retrieval link strict checks.

As a veteran in the field of vehicle monitoring, escort electronic has a profound knowledge and technical experience, through many technical means to protect the privacy of passengers.

First of all, the preservation of video data storage card need physical protection, our products are usually equipped with anti-theft lock device, the need for special tools to disassemble;

Secondly, we have authorized control mechanisms for the maintenance of central monitoring system using the system of personnel and personnel, granted permission to view the video, non authorized personnel are unable to see our data;

In addition, we rely on the memory card of a special file system for data storage, file system and FAT32 standard, we developed a special format for protection of data, even if the driver or the third party personnel to get the memory card, also cannot extract the contents inside, the mechanism with the help of the three aspects. The full range of passenger data protection."

Not only the security monitoring, but also the management, operation and other applications

From the Guangzhou Municipal Traffic Commission announced taxi passenger vehicle technical management regulations can be found in our taxi, need to configure the video monitoring equipment is not only single, but a set of both management and operation, call, service evaluation, payment system, settlement information release and other application, need to consider the traffic control department, passenger taxi operators, drivers and passengers in different roles demand.

So, what kind of system is this? Here, we can take a look at the city's rental operation monitoring and call resolution solutions as an example. Rui Ming tour rental solutions architecture

From the above system architecture diagram, we can clearly see that this scheme fully integrates the various requirements applications. Set up the 8 systems for the government, enterprises, drivers and passengers of users, including monitoring and scheduling, service evaluation, dynamic inspection and comprehensive analysis, payment and settlement, call management, information release system, and behind the operation depend on a number of technical support.

For example, in the traffic supervision, the management department can monitor the command center, real-time understanding of the state of vehicle operation, alarm information timely processing, emergency scheduling and other emergencies. In order to combat illegal operation chaos, intelligent monitoring system can automatically detect the vehicle to the vehicle in the face and the number of such a phenomenon can be avoided without empty passenger driver state, the second is to support the legality supervision, the driver can do sign attendance through facial recognition, compared to the traditional through qualification certificate or fingerprint recognition the application of face recognition, more safety and security costs. Through the monitoring of the system, the face information automatic capture of the driver, the driver will be in attendance, the interval of the driver's face information recognition, and compare with the transportation system in the driver ID photo, real-time high, do not increase the enterprise cost, solves the problem of legitimacy of the driver.

Another example for the taxi company operating management system platform, data center, complete information management, data statistics, thematic analysis and service quality evaluation for four applications, according to the indicators of taxi in daily operation including service quality, passenger, mileage, time, distance and make statistical analysis and data report, provide reliable data for taxi operation management and service, reasonable allocation of transport resources in order to help the city taxi.

In this project, we can also see the application of call management and payment settlement. Doctor Zhang talked about the design of said: "with the changing times, many new technology and applications have changed people's living habits, such as electronic payment, has penetrated into our life, then the realization of WeChat, Alipay and other electronic payment in the rental vehicle, which can effectively solve the problem of LingChao, convenient for the driver and passengers."

As more and more users are accustomed to booking car assistance by means of online calls, the current intelligent vehicle terminals are particularly integrated into the call management of this service. For example, the call management of Rui Ming in this program can support telephone, WeChat, mobile phone APP a variety of calls, the system background of man car matching technology, can quickly meet the needs of users, reduce the taxi empty driving rate. Of course, for the driver to pick off, miss, passengers miss behavior, call management is particularly related to the integrity of the management application, strengthens restrictions, promote harmonious travel experience.

Of course, mention of the taxi operation, the number of new energy vehicles taxis also more and more, he also specifically mentioned Rui Ming for the new energy taxi matching program. "New energy vehicles and fuel vehicles, charging takes longer, we found some drivers to a charging station, often without charging, and again have to find a charging station, brought great distress to the driver in the vehicle, because we need to recharge, to remind the driver, and the automatic recognition from the driver of the nearest charging station, at the same time to protect these charging stations are free charging pile can provide the automatic implementation of the whole process, the driver does not need to run, save time, can also Dora few passengers, increase income." The engineer expresses.

At present, the city taxi, the car has become an indispensable network about the majority of users daily travel transportation resources, along with the increasing diversification of the number of vehicles, taxi way, how to make use of a new generation of information technology to achieve user experience from upstream to downstream to full service industry supervision, has become a new topic, the current development of taxi industry in the future, we will see more and more intelligent terminals installed in the cab, to regulators, operators, drivers and passengers more efficient, intelligent and convenient experience!