China Internet Of Vehicles Development Guide Coming

- Oct 24, 2017-

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After 2015 the State Council promulgated the "Chinese Manufacturing" and "on the 2025 to actively promote the" Internet plus "action guidance", car networking industry has become an important content of "2025 Chinese manufacturing" and "Internet plus" development strategy, and formulated the standard car networking industry has become the focus of attention of the whole industry. Not long ago, the Ministry of industry and equipment division leader told reporters that the current domestic car networking industry is chaotic, it is urgent to introduce relevant policy standards for standardized management. So, the introduction of the "guidelines for Soliciting Opinions" can effectively manage the chaos in the car networking industry? In the implementation of the ground, it will face what kind of problem? In view of the above problems, China Automotive newspaper reporter interviewed several car networking industry experts, please combine with the current situation of the vehicle networking industry, make a detailed analysis of the "guidelines for soliciting opinions".

China's Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau statistics show that as of the end of June this year, China's car ownership reached 205 million units, 328 million car driver. Among them, the first half of 2017, the number of new car registrations reached 13 million 220 thousand, with the same period last year basically flat. The rapid growth of car ownership data distribution in each big city is also not a small number: according to statistics, the country has 49 city car ownership more than 1 million, 23 city over 2 million vehicles, 6 city over 3 million vehicles.

With the increase in car ownership and the problem of road congestion, environmental pollution, public facilities and other issues have become increasingly prominent, how to solve these problems, effective, car networking as a cutting-edge technology of deep integration of informatization and industrialization, to promote the automotive, transportation, information communication industry integration and upgrading, has important significance remodeling of the related industrial ecology and value chain system. The launch of the relevant standard system construction guidelines draft will be aimed at the car networking industry "13th Five-Year" development, effective regulation measures to accelerate the related standards.

The market is surging

As early as a few years ago, relevant government departments have proposed to pay great attention to the revolutionary changes brought about by the Internet for the automotive industry. In 2014, the society of Automotive Engineers Chinese chairman Fu Yuwu pointed out, to seek China automobile industry from large to strong, car networking is a new window of opportunity "". Facing the window of opportunity, in recent years, more and more enterprises try to catch the express train on the internet. These enterprises, not only car enterprises, but also in recent years showed a rapid growth momentum of Internet technology companies.

Survey shows that in the automobile enterprises, many car companies are supporting the car networking products, such as BMW iD-rive, Ford general OnStar system, SYNC system, G-netlink system, InCall system of Changan Geely, Roewe automobile iVoka system...... But there are not many commercial systems. And in the field of Internet technology companies, Baidu, Google, Alibaba and so on have their own layout of the car network.

Industry experts have said that the real car networking industry is relying on information and communication technology, through the car, cars and trucks, cars and roads, cars and people, vehicles and service platform of the full range of connections and data interaction, the development of a new generation of vehicles, to provide comprehensive information services, forming a new form of industry, automobile, electronic integration information communication, road transportation industries depth.

But in our country the car networking industry at present, although there are so many enterprises in the layout of the car networking, but basically did not achieve interoperability, fight the enemy separately, as "lacking spirit of cooperation". To solve this problem, a standard system is needed to connect the interfaces.

The "guide" the draft pointed out that for the car networking industry "13th Five-Year" development, accelerate the development of common basic standards, stepping up the research and development of automatic safety and driver assistance standards, vehicle electronic product standards, the key technologies of wireless communication standard, key technology of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) standards, vehicle networking industry applications 5G

EV2X key technical standards to meet the needs of industrial development. By 2020, the national car networking industry standard system has been basically built.

According to research forecast of prospective industry research institute, by 2020, the scale of China's vehicle networking market will exceed 50 billion yuan. It is pointed out that if the vehicle network is put into use, the capacity of the general highway will be increased by more than 30% on the current basis, and the capacity of the expressway will be raised by more than 5 times on the current basis.

"National car networking industry standard system basically completed, car networking will basically solve the city traffic problem, realize big data" planned economy "based on the scheduling of traffic flow and energy flow through the information flow, the modern city car design, to enhance the human centered to the city." Zhang Lin said. He pointed out that more than 15% of modern urban land is reserved for parking spaces, and after the implementation of the full coverage of the car network, the city unmanned driving stream, rarely need to stop, parking demand will be greatly reduced. At the same time, driverless behavior can be predicted, planned, optimized, will greatly enhance the efficiency of traffic, road traffic capacity can be increased by several times, the area occupied by the road will be greatly reduced. A large amount of land can be saved for public space, green space and human settlements.

At the same time, Zhang Lin also stressed that this format depends on the interconnection of the five major areas. According to the basic principles of "guidelines" in the draft guidelines, will give full play to the ecological environment in the construction industry standard network based leading and coordinating role in the car, the rapid rise of help emerging entrepreneurial enterprises, strengthen the market driving force, to further promote the supply side structural reform is of great significance to the construction of manufacturing power and the network power.