Bus Stop Future-- E-bus Stop Display Stand

- Aug 05, 2018-

The electronic station will gradually replace the traditional bus shelter in the future.

With the deepening of urbanization level, the importance of urban street furniture has become increasingly prominent. The popularity of bus shelters and stop signs in cities, towns and villages is getting higher and higher, urban infrastructure is becoming more and more perfect, and urban street furniture manufacturer Shandong Kai Chuangzhi City believes that the future bus stop signs and bus shelters will develop in the direction of intelligence, humanization and quality, and the electronic stop signs will gradually replace the traditional bus stop signs.

Reason 1: The times are developing. Mobile phones, computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines have all entered the era of intelligence. Intelligentization is gradually infiltrating into other fields, showing the intelligent evolution from indoor to outdoor, from personal items to public facilities. Smart cities are the way people care, and electronic stop signs are the general trend in the new era.

Reason 2: The people's longing for a better life is our goal. It is also the original intention of the electronic station brand manufacturer Kaichuang Company to continuously innovate and develop smart street furniture. Time is money, and the time of the general public is very precious. The public hopes that they can clearly grasp the real-time information of the next bus. How long will the bus arrive? If the bus arrives right away, wait a while. If the time is still very long, you can choose another way of travel. If you are not too anxious, you can go to do something else and come back to wait for the car. The birth of the digital display of the electronic stop sign is a comprehensive consideration of the people's way of life, a product of humanity, and a manifestation of the people being the masters of the country.

Reason 3: The traditional bus stop has a single function. At present, it is generally only used as a carrier for bus route maps and advertisements. The electronic station card realizes multi-function in one, with remote monitoring, remote operation and intelligent application functions, and can also issue government announcements. Information such as meteorological disasters can be said that electronic stop signs are intelligent multimedia, realizing the transition from static to dynamic.

Reason 4: Compared with traditional bus stop signs, the electronic stop sign is indeed a high-end atmospheric grade, LCD segment code screen, LED screen, LCD screen, a variety of display modes, sound and light color is more shocking, more prominent city Modern and trendy, whether it is bustling streets, downtown areas or both sides of the road, waiting for the harbor can be equipped, solar power and city power can be realized, electronic stop sign is not only a unique landscape of the city, but also the city's business card and Facade.

Intelligent electronic station building manufacturer Shandong Kaichuang Smart City Facilities, located in Linbo, the world's football origin, has been focusing on urban transportation facilities construction projects for 10 years, specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service of electronic stop signs and intelligent bus shelters. , spare no effort to build a smart ecological city.