The Benifits Of Video Passenger Counter In Railway Station

- Apr 03, 2018-

The benifits of video passenger counter in railway station

Beijing South Railway Station is located in Fengtai District, Beijing, China, as a direct special station, under the jurisdiction of the Beijing Railway Administration. By August 2017, the Beijing South Railway Station had a building area of 320 thousand square meters, with 24 shares and 13 stations, the largest railway station in Beijing, the largest passenger train station in China, the largest passenger station of the high standard modern passenger line, and the third passenger flow in the world. It is known as "the first stop of Asia". Not long ago, the new video people counting system has been fully deployed in Beijing South Railway Station.

Passenger Flow Counting Statistics

The significance of the statistical application of passenger flow in the railway station:

1. Adjust the staff shift according to the passenger flow, improve the quality of customer service, identify the time of high passenger flow, adjust the staffs' allocation and operation, and improve the comfort of the passenger experience.

2, use the real-time alarm system to manage security: when the train or platform reaches the early set of large passenger flow density, the alarm will be accepted, and the staff of each station will start the "limit flow" measures as the situation is.

3. According to the planning route of capacity and train occupancy rate, the efficiency is improved and the passenger ride experience is optimized. The traffic command department can adjust the train operation plan in a timely manner according to the detailed situation of the passenger flow, and do a good job of organizing the passenger's organization to ensure the good traffic order.

4, detection of real-time passenger flow trend and train occupancy rate, real-time detection and alarm reporting system, the real-time update of the passenger flow in and out of the different sites, the entrance to the entrance, the increase of security inspection and other consumption of passenger flow excess or limit the passenger flow within the area can be online alarm.

5, we can watch early set of data reports every day, weekly, and every month, improve the satisfaction of passengers to achieve better service, access to different locations, platform, the passenger flow and passenger flow pattern of the entrance of real-time, accurate data, optimize the use of resources.

During the operation of the railway station, the seasonal instability of passenger flow is an important factor affecting the efficiency of the railway part. The application of the passenger flow statistics of the railway station is better to help the station staff to arrange the work. It plays an important role in developing the potential of the train transportation, improving the efficiency of the management of the train management, and maintaining the good social image of the train transportation.

In 2018, the passenger flow statistics system deployed at Beijing South Railway Station will provide strong support for the smooth operation of the Spring Festival transportation.