An Analysis Of The Advantages Of Integrated Camera

- Aug 01, 2017-

Integrated camera is now specifically with optical zoom and autofocus camera built-in integration of the camera, compared with the gun machine, the precision and technology of one movement is much higher, analog monitoring era of one machine movement are monopolized by Japanese and Korean enterprises.

Compared with the traditional gun-type camera, integrated camera integration is compact, beautiful and installation is very simple, at the same time, high-definition network can be achieved through the network zoom, focus and aperture control, one installation almost do not need to be on the scene for later maintenance, in addition, high-definition Network Camera high-definition, more wide-ranging, do not need additional high-definition lens, comprehensive cost-effective.

Compared with the general model of the gun machine, the integration of the camera features mainly reflected in the automatic focus, which makes the image screen at any time to keep clear, then, what is automatic focus? In short, autofocus is the location of the main object surface of the image through the camera autofocus algorithm, and according to its focus on the camera image sensor automatically adjust the focus of the motor lens, so reciprocating many times, you can realize the zoom control automatic focus, the image in the process of zoom at any time to keep clear, so that the traditional gun machine running Coke and manual focusing maintenance of the era is gone.