All Shenzhen Bus Must Install GPS Tracking DVR

- Dec 16, 2017-

Passenger vehicle vehicle satellite positioning terminal (include 3G Mobile DVR, 3G GPS Tracker, 3G Passenger Counter and others) installation should comply with the relevant standards in accordance with the provisions of the enterprise; satellite positioning monitoring system should be retained for at least 6 months of passenger vehicles in the original data, illegal driving information and treatment should be kept for at least 3 years, "" Shenzhen city passenger vehicle satellite positioning application management monitoring system 5 through a new government the communique issued.

The regulations for the use and management, monitoring and assessment of the satellite positioning and monitoring system for passenger vehicles are provided, including passenger traffic vehicles and cruise cars.

To request, passenger transport enterprise monitoring system should be based on different vehicles, different lines and different areas of bicycle speed, electronic fence, etc. with the rest point set for speeding, fatigue driving, beyond the specified line or regional business, night driving operation behavior implementation of strict supervision etc.. For example, daytime continuous driving more than 4 hours without stopping to rest for 20 minutes or more without replacing parking drivers, measures should be taken to inform the driver of compulsory parking rest; driving on the day 22 am to 6 pm the next day during the road passenger transport vehicles, should strengthen monitoring speed and prevent fatigue driving, should be carried out once every 30 safety tips minutes, on the way stop more than 30 minutes of parking vehicles should identify the reasons, continuous driving more than 2 hours without stopping to rest for 20 minutes or more without replacement driver parking, should take timely measures to inform the driver forced to stop to rest; in addition to connecting long-distance passenger transport vehicles, prohibited to run all other city road passenger transport vehicle every morning 2 pm to 5 pm.

At the same time, road passenger transport enterprises do not install satellite positioning devices as required, or forgery, tampering or deleting vehicle dynamic monitoring data will be punished accordingly.