AI Community Will Be The Next Market For CCTV

- May 01, 2018-

It's time to be hot. " "In the last few years, the technology is not mature, the wisdom community is too small and the profit is too low, and many vendors will not spend a lot of energy on this. In the two years, with the maturity of AI and other technologies, the community AI transformation is the time to roll." The earth has come back.

The wisdom community can be regarded as a mini version of the intelligent city. It is a market concept. From the market construction level, it can be divided into two categories: one is the traditional old and old community reform, and the other is to improve the information level. The two kind is the new community, and the construction of the intelligent application.

Whether it is new or later, it involves more government interdepartmental collaboration, IOT, security, AI, big data and so on. In the face of these seemingly huge but structured and miscellaneous miniature smart city projects, many small tech companies have been unable to deal with it before, but a small number of integrators are reluctant to concentrate. The main contradiction lies in whether manufacturers can realize the cost of this technology application and match the cost of property demand.

In view of the current development momentum, the AI transformation of the community will become a piece of meat and cake that everyone grabs for.

Why do you do this´╝č

Before figuring out why community AI will cause players to compete in the track, we must first understand what factors will lead to the transformation of AI in communities.

From the point of view of government managers, many front-line and super front-line cities have a large population flow and more rental housing. How to ensure information and management is worth thinking. Community AI can pass relevant data, speed up the horizontal extension of e-government, ensure the security of the floating population, and make the relevant policy information upload, improve the efficiency and service ability of the government, and enhance the image of the government.

From the perspective of the masses, the community AI can change any way of behavior in the community, including life, learning, entertainment and so on. At that time, the whole community is like a whole network. Through technology, it can make your life more intelligent, humanized and convenient, and improve the comfort, safety and happiness of life.

In the public and private, community AI is a great blessing. But the question is, why is the wisdom community that is free from all odds never to be fruitless? Why does the blueprint of theory fail to meet the challenge of landing?

Why did not do it before

The head of a traditional security vendor told Lei Feng network that the AI transformation of the community is very wide, and no one has been able to provide a complete system and product. At the same time, because of the low threshold of AI technology in the community, there are many vendors in a small project, and their hardware and software are difficult. It is compatible with each other to restrict the cooperative development.

At this time, the integrator is needed to build the whole platform, but because the market is scattered and miscellaneous, the large integrators are rarely stationed, the majority of the integrators in the market are insufficient, and there are many participants in the system construction.

In the view of another real estate executive, in addition to the above two points, the community AI is difficult to promote, mainly the understanding of the different participants in the intellectual community.

In their eyes, the AI of community is always aimed at "better selling" as a gimmick to enhance the housing highlights and to go faster. After that, factors such as household experience and service are not the key factors.

As for the technology provider, because of the low market access threshold, many small and medium-sized manufacturers have not fully investigated the specific needs and vital ideas of the households in the early development and application of the products, and lack the authenticity and meticulous collection and analysis of the data related to people, houses and things. But just a taste of the stacking service, simply in order to grab land, seize the opportunity to fool, in order to intelligent and intelligent, so that many products in the development and landing, can not be used.

Standing on the side of the nearest property company, they have the most energy and daily processing problems, but earn the least profits. That is, the lack of a long-term and realistic profit model and operation mode. As time passes, many intelligent services become dull and tasteless.

Although community AI is the advanced form of the city in the future, the most powerful real estate developers are not willing to sink the service, the most powerful equipment and the most enthusiastic property lack the basis for sustainable service. The above three points also make the road of community AI becoming more and more difficult.

Why can we do it now

It has been proved that the lack of harmonious synergy of interest alone can not promote the sustainable development of the intelligent community alone, and the better and faster promotion of the community AI should be combined with the wisdom of all parties.

From the point of the real estate business, in March 27th this year, Yu Liang, President of Vanke, said at the annual conference that Vanke should be adjusted to "urban and rural construction and life service provider" from the strategic positioning of "urban supporting service providers" to establish the goal of the leader of the rental industry.

This passage can also be understood as: Vanke will officially enter the property. This means that the entry of more resources can better interact with all parties in order to seek more development and operation mode and promote the development of intelligent community.

The efficiency of the big house is always high. A few days ago (April 25th), Vanke worked hard in the field of intelligence, and put forward a new generation of products that advocated "Vanke intelligent manufacturing".

Take the "child care" related life scene as an example, "Vanke intelligent manufacturing" has designed the following security solutions:

1. "danger zone early-warning" - if children enter the underground garage or other dangerous areas where they can't be watched, the cameras captured by the community cameras will automatically alarm on the display screen and notify the security guards quickly.

2. million branches of the wisdom community "prevent loss management system" - the future will be in all the exit of the community, unaccompanied child access to the alarm system, quick notice of security.

3. "children's abnormal behavior early warning management" - children's unaccompanied for more than 10 minutes, children lying on the ground and other abnormal situation early warning, quickly notify the security.

In this regard, it is mentioned that the intellectual community and the real estate industry for approval of the registration of construction is quite different, property companies may lack of Internet thinking, can not solve the needs of households and pain point. In Lei Feng's network, the wisdom community has been developing for many years and has been stagnant. It is of great significance for the popularization and promotion of community AI to promote the community AI into the level of the intelligent community industry such as Vanke.

In addition to previously known property, property and other related enterprises, the scene search machine Ali, Tencent and other Internet beasts are also involved.

In fact, the logic of their admission is not difficult to analyze. As the longest carrier of human activities - the community, people spend a long time indoors and produced a lot of life data. Today, the mobile Internet traffic bonus has been "weak", the mobile terminal application market has been strong Heng Qiang, weak weak and weak Matthew effect pattern. It is foreseeable that the future battlefield of data traffic will be transferred from the mobile Internet to the "Internet of things" to the offline entity, and more traffic will be transferred from the line to the line.

In December 22, 2017 this huge traffic entrance attract under the Tencent, officially released the first smart community open platform "Tencent, Haina" cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technology to connect the property, residents, government, media and community service provider, the formation of "Internet plus community" one-stop solution, To create a healthy ecology of the intelligent community.

Lei Feng learned that the Tencent can provide Haina "intelligent access control, intelligent parking lot, online complaints repair for the owners of" Internet plus "service, users only need to pay attention to their small WeChat public number, you can enjoy efficient and convenient service, improve the satisfaction.

Where a Tencent is a natural and ultimately Ali, in March 9th this year, Ali also officially released a nail future community, using cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence Internet plus technology, government, property, community residents, such as ecological new retail links, re interpretation of "management thought and Internet X community" the Business form.

In their view, in the field of Internet, many large property enterprises have developed their own platform, and change management efficiency through the self operating platform, and even realize business expansion by the platform. Small and medium property companies still have to be breakthroughs in the Internet area due to their high cost and deep understanding of the Internet industry.

Nailed to the future community will create a one-stop service platform for the community, allowing property companies to enter the mobile office at low cost, reduce the cost and increase efficiency, provide housekeeping online services to the owners, and quickly build a smart community.

A real intelligent community should complete the four basic points of "hardware + software + platform + service". That is, the household can control the intelligent hardware in the community or home through the mobile APP, the property can have the software background observation data, all the data can be based on the analysis of the cloud formation system to the government, so that the residents, the property, the government, the merchant and other parties can benefit, this is the truly intelligent community.

It is foreseeable that, with the entry of real estate and Internet giants, the platform and the chronic disease of the smart community market will be solved; but for the hardware and software, it is necessary to solve this problem. In fact, the power of the traditional security giant has been realized in this market.

During the AI security summit held by the Lei Feng network (public number: Lei Feng), Dr. Wan Dingrui, vice president of Orient network and general manager of deep network view, said, "the community will be one of the main battlefields of urban security and one of the home battles of the future Orient Power." In his view, the community is characterized by a subdivision scenario with four major challenges.

First, the management of floating population: the large mobility of urban population has brought great challenges to safety and prevention.

Two, community comprehensive management: the management of key personnel, housing situation management, community fire safety, equipment and facilities and other comprehensive management, if only rely on "artificial way" visits inspection, grass-roots community management work pressure is huge, the urgent need for efficient management means.

Three, basic data governance: the community basic data acquisition and maintenance level needs more intelligent means; the real-time, accuracy and effectiveness of the data need to be improved.

Four, security and convenience: the old community for the intelligent management of the human car visit needs to be promoted, there is a security risk; similar to express, takeaway services, the convenience and security of the residents have certain contradictions. Residents can not really fully enjoy the convenience brought by the development of science and technology.

Facing the above four points, Dongfang network forces put forward two main solutions, as well as a core technical framework: one is to rely on deep learning and other technologies to realize the fine management of wisdom; two is through pluralism.