Accurate People Flow Statistic System For Stores

- Jan 28, 2019-

What can passenger flow statistical analysis do?

Without accurate passenger flow data, it is difficult to make a reasonable and convincing division. The role of passenger flow analysis is summarized as follows:

1. Customer portrait analysis, the main statistics of the overall passenger flow age and gender, interest preferences, education, income levels and other label classification management;

2. Consumption capacity of business circle and the analysis of average consumption level of customers determine the premise of commodity pricing.

3. Passenger flow access paths, summarize one or more main customer shopping behavior paths to optimize the shopping mall line;

4. The increasing trend of passenger flow and grasping the changing trend of passenger flow every day are conducive to the development and implementation of marketing work.

5. Forecast and analysis of returnees, identify the trend of returnees to stores in time, and forecast business performance.

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