4G Wireless Video Surveillance Application Enters Mature Stage

- Aug 01, 2017-

With the development of radio and network wireless technology, the application of wireless broadband network has been adopted by various kinds of signals, such as 4G Network Camera, 4G network server, 4G rear-pass DVR, NVR, Alarm burglar detection and access control signal collection launch and can accept remote data signal acquisition of monitoring RTU, 4G monitoring attachment in a variety of security and monitoring equipment and systems application.

Compared with the traditional cable monitoring mode, 4G wireless monitoring has the advantages of not being limited by cable distance and wiring construction constraints, the construction and installation time is short, and easy to maintain, and the future system expansion is unrestricted, now 4G wireless network monitoring technology has been widely used in residential areas, urban traffic control, bus transport, railway leveling, reservoir and water gate monitoring, regional River Shipping, anti-theft Law and order, fire and building automation monitoring, homeland Security long-distance data collection and other fields.