Auto Watchdog Company’s 3D Binoculars Statistics Solution

- Mar 19, 2019-

Auto Watchdog company’s 3D Binoculars Statistics Solution

The new generation of people counting solutions measure and manage store traffic, sales, separation of customer and staff traffic, customer interaction, departmental and display efficiency in a single platform.

Watchdog offers retailers an opportunity to enrich the shopping experience beyond traditional traffic measurement and recurring consumption. Watchdog's demographics feature integrated technology designed for the future of the retail industry; it measures all traffic from outside the store, from the department to the customer's mobile device, with the industry's highest accuracy. Based on this data, it provides improvements to different topics, such as staff optimization, event management, and chain store management.

Increase interaction with customers

Better understand customer behavior

With the video head detection feature of Watchdog's passenger flow stats, customers can track through mobile devices, surpassing traditional metering. Through this application, access time, frequency of access, and whether old/new customers can be measured.

Use strategically effective sales information to successfully advertise

Watchdog's APP platform shows from the results of the analysis, understands the data of the more effective aspects of its health management, and activities in the days of the store based on the time spent, so that the activity may be evaluated. At the same time, the system can see how campaigns affect visitor numbers and sales rates, making it easier to monitor sales and marketing for effective sales. In this way, it provides important clues for organizing new activities and making strategic decisions.

Control your store on a chain basis

A new generation of 3D binoculars stats allows you to analyze customer behavior and traffic across chain stores.

Managers adjust to your needs

Based on the system, the store with his special occasions for density analysis, workdays and weekends, days with staff hours, daytime work regulations, weekly/annual also helps to set permissions. Increase operational efficiency by shifting people from other stores during high customer density.

Take action based on real-time images, not just numbers

The cameras in the system can not only count the number of people, but also capture images. Comparison data in store settings

Clear data on store and location efficiency can be obtained by measuring the attraction of the street or shopping mall where the store is located and the number of customers entering the store. With this data, managers make data-based decisions about strategic issues, such as opening or closing stores and determining rents.