1000pcs Datong City Buses Running With Binocular People Counter

- Jan 13, 2018-

On the 11th, the reporter learned from the bus company in Datong that in the past year, the company adhered to the goal of "building a people-friendly bus" and actively promoted the construction of a green and smart bus to enhance the public's happiness index.

The company is committed to the configuration of new energy buses into use. By the end of last year, the company operated 1076 vehicles, of which 61% were new energy vehicles. With the renewal of vehicles, not only the comfort is greatly improved, but also the operating costs of enterprises are reduced, the air quality in cities is improved, and a promising step toward the sustainable development of urban public transport is taken.

Rejuvenate enterprises through science and technology and promote the development and construction of smart public transportation. Since last year, the company actively promoted three key tasks:  

First, all the buses to replace the replacement of the IC card recharge system, out of the old server and data migration, the realization of the recharge data wireless upload, with customer service system upgrade to provide technical support . 

Second, the introduction of 360-degree panoramic car vision system that allows drivers to more clearly see if there are obstacles around the vehicle and understand the relative position and distance of obstacles to expand the driver's perception of the surrounding and the environment, and better enhance the bus Car driving safety factor. All bueses matched binocular passenger counter and live passenger flow statistics system-IPAS Analytics, real-time statisticsdaily cycling traffic conditions, to assist the dispatching and other departments to allocate vehicles. 

Third, the intelligent monitoring and dispatching has been implemented. The coverage rate of GPS satellite positioning and automatic site-breaking device installation reaches 100%. The operation dispatching has realized the intelligent, standardized and vertical management, and the integrated urban public-transport informatization Platform to ensure that the vehicle on-time rate increased to 95% or more, speeding violations have been basically curbed.