Why Shopping Mall Need Video People Counter?

- Jan 25, 2018-

People Counting and Customer Flow statistics is an important commercial market research tool, which can provide accurate and timely data reference for operational decision-making and integrated management of large-scale commercial systems, playing a very important role in stability and prosperity. According to the characteristics of large-scale commercial, this system makes use of the existing mature information technology and resources, uses the video people counter system as a solution to carry out statistics and analysis on the passenger flow data, and excavates it with third-party software such as ERP, POS or BI System integration, to provide scientific support for decision-making, improve the level of integrated management operations, and lay a solid foundation for the development.

The importance of the number of statistics can be mainly shown in the following aspects:

Passenger Flow Statistics and Analysis:

1, conventional, day, week, month, season, year passenger flow statistics analysis function; 

2, the passenger numbers contrast peak and period; 

3, holidays and daily of people flow comparative analysis;

4, statistics of the area of the current visitor counting number of remaining and the average residence time;

5, through the statistics of the customers counting numbersin and out of the entrance and the direction, you can find a reasonable degree of entrance set;

6, through the statistics of the main floor number, reasonable distribution to the store;

7, according to the flow of passenger flow changing, adjust the position of the store counter, objectively determine the rental price level, obtain the maximum economic benefits;

8, calculate the average consumer's consumption ability.  

9, effective assessment of a marketing and promotion investment returns, evaluation and optimization of advertising and promotional budget;

10, according to the flow of people change, more efficient allocation of property management and sales personnel and maintenance personnel; 4, public security prevention:

11, display the current number of state and trend, managers can flow relatively large area to take emergency prevention measures, and can realize the observation of the actual number of current mall and so on;

12, to master the flow of people, avoid causing crowds and stampede due to excessive holidays and promotions. The system can customize the early-warning level according to the customer's requirements.