Why Every Flight Girls always Hold Tally Counter

- Dec 23, 2019-

With the development of society, science and technology have become more and more developed, and our country's public transportation system has become more and more perfect. There are not only buses, subways, and very fast airplanes.  Maybe you have found that when you board the plane, you will find that some stewardess will hold a thing like a lighter and press it while walking. Have you ever thought about what this little thing is?

Flight attendant is holding a manual tally passenger counter. This small counter can be easily hold in your hand. The cabin tally counter is mainly used to count the number of passengers on the aircraft. This is an indispensable thing on every aircraft. We all know that the number of people on a plane may reach dozens or hundreds. In particular, some of these international flights often have a lot of passengers on them. Flight attendants use this cabin tally counter to be able to clearly calculate the number of people on the plane. His calculation is very accurate and fast. It is also very convenient to use. In fact, this kind of work is mainly left to the ground staff in the airport, but sometimes the stewardess will be checked again. They must determine that the number of people on the plane is the same as the number reported. .

The flight attendant uses the cabin tally people counter to check the number of passengers on the plane. In addition to checking the number of passengers, it can also prevent some passengers from not catching up with the plane in time, notifying them to board the plane, and sometimes mixing in some people, which can be checked at this time. . After all, once the plane takes off, if anything unexpected happens, it is hard to imagine. It is also difficult to take good care of the aircraft, so it is best to check before boarding the aircraft and check the number is the same, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble later.

Some people think that this is unnecessary. In fact, similar incidents have occurred in the past. One extra person was added to an aircraft. As a result, the flight and people could only return to the airport. Such mistakes are very serious, not only wasting a few hours of passengers on the plane for nothing, but it may also cause some criminals to mix in the plane with unthinkable consequences.