Why Bus Companies Need Passenger Counter?

- Jan 05, 2020-

Why Bus Companies Need Video People Counter ?

1. Station Distribution of Passengers Traffic 

Intuitively understand the distribution of passenger traffic at different stations of the line

2. Passenger Counting Data statistics

According to different dimensions such as time cycle, up and down direction of line, peak and even peak, line, station and vehicle, the distribution of public transport passenger numbers can be calculated and displayed in chart form.

3. Passenger Changing trend

Intuitive understanding of line vehicle big data

4. Protect Ticket Income

Accurate passenger counter will kill ticket fraud easily and save over 50% ticket loss.

Advantage analysis

1. The environment of the passenger counter system is highly adaptive, not affected by the two-way, side-by-side and distance of passengers, not affected by different clothing colors, hair colors, hats and luggage, etc., to ensure 98% counting accuracy under crowded conditions;

2. The bus people system can accurately adjust the lens angle of the installed video people traffic collection equipment, automatically focus, and allow a certain angle tilt with the horizontal direction;

3. Passenger counter is triggered by the opening and closing status of the bus. The counting starts when the door is opened, and real-time statistics data are collected. The data is uploaded after the door is closed;

4. The passenger counter system has strong expansibility and portability. According to the number of doors, a corresponding number of video collection passenger counter is installed;

5. The passenger counter system can count all kinds of time-sharing passenger flow and make all kinds of statistical reports; the brightness can be adjusted automatically without the influence of external light; it is easy to install and can support 360 ° installation.