Why Airplan Stewardess Must Use Tally Counter

- Dec 23, 2019-

Nowadays, with the development of the times, we have more and more means of transportation, and they are more and more convenient. In the past, most of our trips were on foot, buses, trains. Now, China ’s high-speed rail and aircraft have been greatly developed It is also very convenient, especially to some distant places such as abroad, and flying is a very good choice. Sometimes it only takes a few hours to reach your destination, which can be said to be very convenient. In addition, with the improvement of people's living standards, the advent of globalization, and the cheaper and cheaper air tickets, more and more people choose to travel abroad and do business abroad, and airplanes are a good choice for everyone to relax. Traffic objects.

So what was the stewardess holding and holding the "little clicker" in hand before we took off? 

In fact, what the stewardess took was a "checkin on board passenger number tally counter", which is used literally to record the number of passengers in the cabin. The principle is that a flight attendant counts the number of carried people, and when she counts one person, she clicks on her hand to indicate a number. So, in fact, there are records of the number of passengers, so why bother?

In fact, this is also to check the number of people again to see if someone has mixed into the cabin, after all, there will be some people who do not follow the rules will secretly mix into the cabin. As a result, the number of people in the cabin will increase, which will affect the safety of people on the aircraft. There will be restrictions on the number of people and weight of cargo on each aircraft.

If someone mixes in the cabin, it is very likely to cause safety hazards, and it is likely to delay passengers' time. If there are too many people, then this person must go through verification. During the verification process, the aircraft naturally cannot take off. This will definitely delay everyone's time. After all, if there are criminals, there will be a great safety problem. So no matter what the outcome is, it is a big loss for the cabin passengers.

Therefore, for the sake of safety, there will be a dedicated staff member to check the number of passengers with a cabin counter before taking off. We also consider the safety of our own lives and the safety of others. We must cooperate with the staff and actively participate. Impatient, bring unnecessary trouble to their work, after all, they are also responsible for the safety of our lives, and can not spend too much time.