Why active safe driving system get popular?

- Jun 02, 2020-

Compared with the concept of passive safety, the active safety of vehicles focuses more on reducing the driver's injury in the event of an accident, while the active safety focuses on monitoring the possibility of an accident or vehicle out of control, so as to improve the driving safety of driving vehicles; vehicle road collaboration is one of the core technologies of the next generation of Internet of vehicles, through vehicle and vehicle, vehicle and road, vehicle and person Vehicle and cloud information exchange and share, make vehicle and surrounding environment cooperate and cooperate, realize the integrated network of driving safety, intelligent traffic management control, vehicle intelligent control and intelligent dynamic information service.

Why is the active safe driving warning system get popular?

First, this kind of product focuses on the two levels of vehicle end and driver. Driver is the core of the human vehicle road traffic safety model, whose driving behavior largely determines the road traffic safety. The randomness, impulsivity, autonomy and other possible subjective factors of driving behavior will directly affect the travel safety.

Secondly, the safety application of vehicle road coordination technology has changed the driving process of the vehicle. From the point of view of system reliability, the safety assistant system for the purpose of early warning can be considered as an automatic perception system in parallel with the driver's perception in the perception stage. The integration of the system can improve the driver's perception level and shorten the driver's perception time. At the same time, on the basis of perception, we can judge and forewarn the danger. Although the result of judgment and early warning of the system still needs the driver to make a decision on this basis, it will also effectively shorten the time of judgment and decision of the driver. According to the analysis of traffic accident cases in recent years, 94% of traffic accidents are caused by factors considered. If three seconds in advance effective warning and timely response measures are taken, the accident rate will be reduced by 90% and the accident mortality rate will be reduced by 95%. It can be said that for drivers' subjective factors such as fatigue driving, illegal driving and other driving behaviors, the active safe driving early warning system is the core to reduce the accident rate.