Why 3D Binocular People Counter is the Best Counting Solution

- Mar 10, 2020-

Bus passenger flow statistics solution

Urban public transport first appeared in England. In 1829, the first horse drawn public carriage appeared in London, England. It has a history of more than 160 years, during which it has experienced the stages of development, prosperity, recession and current revival. Some developed countries in Europe and the United States have gone through a detour in the development of urban traffic. After entering the 1960s, the excessive development of urban cars and the shrinking of public transport have resulted in urban traffic congestion, the increase of road traffic accidents and the increasingly serious pollution of urban air and noise, which has led to the chaos of urban traffic. Therefore, the worsening urban traffic forces developed countries to pay more attention to the development of urban public transport.

Urban public transport system can be divided into two subsystems, one is public transport means and facilities, the other is public transport planning and operation management.

Compared with the advanced countries in the world, the development level of public transport in China is still far behind. At present, most local buses upload the bus operation through vehicle GPS, monitoring, vehicle passenger information system, etc., so that the public transport dispatching center can grasp the real-time information of vehicles at any time, such as location, speed, traffic flow, passenger flow, etc. It improves the dispatching capacity, improves the public travel environment and avoids urban congestion.

At present, most of the on-board passenger counter in China are single camera passenger counting equipment. However, due to the influence of technical factors, the equipment can only be used in places with constant light such as stores and shopping malls, such as scenic spots, parks and other outdoor and semi outdoor environments. The accuracy of traditional single camera (2D) passenger flow equipment can not meet the scene demand completely, while our 3D binocular passenger counter It can be used normally in this kind of outdoor environment, and can accurately count the number of tourists in such environments as wearing hats, bareheaded, white hair, etc. This paper uses the binocular passenger flow statistics, that is, using two identical cameras, similar to people's eyes, the images obtained by two cameras, after a series of calculations, get 3D images. Therefore, the operation is more complex and the accuracy is higher than that of monocular.

system architecture

The biggest advantage of 3D binocular bus passenger counter is to use two cameras to get two-dimensional images. Through a series of calculations, the three-dimensional picture of the actual scene can be obtained through the relative position between the two cameras and the camera parameters, so that the height information of the crowd can be obtained. Therefore, the mobile crowd can be accurately captured without missing statistics, even in statistics The area is densely populated and can reach an accuracy rate of 95%. Basically, it will not be affected by the change of light and the walking state of pedestrians.

Core advantages: 3D binocular stereo vision + embedded analysis algorithm;

High detection accuracy: collect 3D binocular stereo information of customers for analysis and identification, two-way statistics of passenger flow, and the accuracy of population statistics is more than 95%;

Easy to install: the equipment is integrated, with camera inside, beautiful appearance, network cable connection, easy and simple equipment installation, without damaging the ground and wall of passenger flow channel.

• 3D binocular data analysis completely eliminates the influence of the light of the glass curtain on the street, the influence of the carpet and the color of the floor tile, and the interference of the high crowd density factors;

• accurately count customers in white hair, hat, etc;

Data saving and recovery function of the equipment. Maximum storage of detailed data in recent two years;

Intelligent and centralized management of equipment, convenient system architecture and configuration;

The passenger flow analysis system is an independent R & D product with independent intellectual property rights, which is convenient and flexible for customer function customization.