When the daily traffic does not increase and there is a downward trend, how can we improve sales performance!

- Nov 02, 2018-

When the daily traffic does not increase and there is a downward trend, how can we improve sales performance! People counter, passenger counter, face recognition instrument

First, increase the rate of entering the store.

Second, increase the transaction rate

Third, increase customer unit price

We focus on how to increase the unit price of the customer, that is, the joint sales.

Many times, we are all racking our brains to increase sales, and we don't know what to do (use people counter, passenger counter, face recognition)! In fact, there are many examples that we can learn from around us. Whenever I finish the cola at McDonald's, after the burger is finished, the salesperson will ask me:

Miss, do you want to try our latest Apple pie? Or: Miss, add 2 yuan, a small cup of Coke can change a big cup! I remember when I was buying underwear at a mall, when the payment was made, the salesperson asked: Beauty, Mother's Day is over, do you want a set of XX as a gift to your mother? Imagine that when you hear such words, you will be willing to refuse ? In fact, there are many, many

The example is that because of this, one of the 10 people will accept at least 4-5 people, so your sales will increase easily. This is the problem I want to say about the upsell in the promotion. Things are much more to look at, analyze it, and have some skills in doing joint sales.

Although, as a salesperson, every time you make an upsell, the customer will be very easy to accept sales, but if you sell it directly to him at the beginning, he will definitely resist! Everyone must understand that when the customer buys some products and you make additional sales, the customer will think that you are helping him to get a better service.

Rather than selling products that he thinks are dispensable! The customer will buy your additional sales, which is also a recognition of his decision to make a purchase before!

When doing additional sales, especially when selling leather goods, pay attention to the following points:

1. Grasp the timing, must be confirmed when the customer has already confirmed the purchase, but has not completed the payment transaction;

2, give a reason but can impress people;

3. Introduce a product or service that is very simple and understands without explanation.

4, the additional introduction of the goods, generally you are sure of the goods, otherwise the customer will give up the first selected products.

5. After you say this, please shut up, don't talk too much, look at the customer, and make a silent contest. The more you say, the less chance you will have to make a deal.

The additional sales of goods are also what we often say to do the joint sales of customers. In the case of a large number of seasonal products and a low price in the discount season, how to increase the joint sales of goods, and design an effective additional sales speech for their products.

It is a good way to improve our sales performance. I think everyone can say this to every customer, and they can do it right away.

Thought you are growing at least 40% of sales!

Don't let go of the timing of 6 kinds of sales. Don't let go of 6 kinds of sales opportunities.

1. When the customer selects a package; active enthusiasm allows the customer to try to buy a different style. Don't always think that the customer will only buy one package. In many cases, if we guide in, the customer will choose two or more packages. To match different styles of clothing, you have to give yourself confidence.

2, when there are related accessories in the store; there are wallets, wallets, belts, etc. in the store, telling customers the care and end of these details

Beauty is also the best expression of showing taste, highlighting personality and flaunting self.

3. When there is a promotion activity; this is one of the most important incentives to promote the customer's joint sales (buy more), promptly reminding the guests with an excitement tone: the machine can't be lost, the loss is no longer coming.

4. When new products are purchased; whether it is new or active, we must introduce them when we sell them together.

To the guests, just like when the KFC order is completed, the cashier encourages us to try the latest "Purple Potato Egg Tart", I

I took a look and I had a taste of it.

5. When guests and friends (peers) shop together; in the process of product recommendation and introduction, ignore the feeling of the guest companion

It is unwise to sell. Smart sales people not only know how to please their companions, but also try to let him or her try when the time is right. It is also idle, which is also a common sales.

6. When waiting for the bag care; no matter what the guest is waiting for, as long as he (she) is standing in our store, we will

There are opportunities to influence the guests. At this time, we can test the joint sales. If there is no result, then we will chat with the guests and enhance the feelings.

Second, the six ways of joint sales

1, the use of lining; very simple, is the relevant clothing mix and jewelry matching, to give guests a icing on the cake, but also for guests to accept.

2, friends and family promotion; tell the guests: to family and friends also by the way with two, both human and affordable.

3, make up the zero; "The bag is 362 yuan, sir, look at our leather care set, the original price is 78 yuan a box, we can now buy a bottle of 350 yuan plus 38 yuan. This is 400 yuan together Whole, do you see what you need?" Looking for something to do with the change, the guest may also be in trouble.

4, new product promotion; after the new product is listed, we must have a strong awareness of the new product focus (joint sales), which will greatly help the brand new product promotion and performance improvement.

5, promotion and promotion; even marketing master Kotler said: "There is no reduction in brand loyalty that can't be offset by 2 cents", so promotion is the only way for brands to improve their performance and seize market share.

6, style collection; for leather products, the same style, different colors, the same color, different styles, for customers

People's appeals are often the same, and they can all be left to the guests. The sales staff will not miss the opportunity to suggest that they can all be "collected", which is more convenient for guests. Once, when a salesperson prompted me to buy a shirt of the same style and three colors, I came up with a dedication: "I especially like to collect jeans, and buy it in a series,

Now that I have more than 20 articles, I often dream of when I have 50. "I laughed, but I think I really like it and buy a few more.

Third, the five points to pay attention to in sales:

1. Strive to add value to customers; the purpose of joint sales is not to simply increase our customer unit price and performance, the clerk is

In the process of sales service, joint sales are carried out to give customers more value-added and benefits. Full of joy is the guests who are full of rewards, not the salesmen who are gloating. During my shopping, when I bought more, I often saw the clerk's face immediately open, and my heart was not a taste.

2, positive and supportive suggestions; more beautiful, coordinated, convenient to change, more affordable, etc., in general, joint sales is encouraged.

3, understatement of the recommendations to observe the reaction of the guests; in our case for the sale of customers in a certain situation without

When you grasp it, you can underestimate the temptation. As I said before, if you don't have a demand, you can chat, or grind the knife with "selling sales."

4, do not let customers feel that you are selling (use people counter, passenger counter, face recognition instrument); "Shopping guide" two words, separately, "guide" is the meaning of guidance, "purchase" is the customer to buy, Together, it is to guide the guests to buy, and the sales are guided by the above suggestions and encouragement to guide the guests to enjoy more. Once the guests feel the meaning of compulsion, they are afraid of counterproductive.

5, remember to eat a bite fat; as the saying goes: have to inch. The joint sales are based on the basis of the inch, and then

Action taken. In the initial stage of sales, if the customer has not explicitly purchased a single piece, the encouragement of joint sales and more purchases may easily cause the guests to be alert and disgusted. This is probably the rebellious psychology of the purchase.

The joint sales are sold after the sale, and then the bill is opened after the bill is opened. Instead of the quick cash register, the guest is sent out of the door. After this action is completed, the last form of the Six Pulse Excalibur is finally entered.

Six-Sword Excalibur Sixth: Cashier Drop-off

When the cashier is busy, I want to remind you to pay attention to your head and smile, and don’t forget the zero-filled

Selling, selling dozens of dollars is also a performance. At the same time, the salesperson is obliged to inform: the conditions of after-sales service and maintenance, return and exchange, let the guests feel the responsibility and responsibility of the brand for his or her purchase.

When sending a guest, remind everyone that if it is a VIP guest, you can directly call the other party: "Sister Wang, please go slowly." In general, the guest can be accompanied by the following sentence: Next week, we have a batch of new models, welcome to bring friends and family to see! Re-emphasize: "My name is Zhang Tao. I can come to my peach next time! Oh, 88, go slowly!"

do you know? When you return home, you may have a month or even half a year, and you are missing the girl named Peach in a certain store!