What Retailers Really Care after People Counter

- Dec 28, 2019-

After footfall data is collected by video people counter, it is necessary to combine the needs of operation promotion to maximize the value of footfall data. The function of video footfall counter is to find out the buyer accurately, and the marketing activity is to facilitate the buyer's transaction.

In addition to the statistics of footfall, the analysis of footfall traffic is more about the analysis of hot spots, finding out the causes of heat, and making use of and guiding them. Not only find out the cause of heat, but also pay more attention to why it is not hot and find out the influencing factors.

In the convenience store industry, video people counter are mainly used before and after the opening of the store (to assist in site selection and early adjustment), and focus on hot spot analysis (layout, category, activity adjustment and analysis) in operation.

The adjustment frequency of shopping centers is relatively high. Planning and analysis of footfall traffic, database basic data is open. For example, some conventional data do not need to be processed now, such as fixed report generation, such as monthly, weekly, daily passenger flow, vehicle flow, year-on-year, month on month, etc. However, holidays, promotions and exceptions need to be explained. Now a bottleneck can not be broken, that is, people, traffic, sales performance can not be closed-loop analysis.

The amount of unified cash collection in shopping centers is not much, so the conversion rate can only be sampling data. Businesses focus on how much passenger flow is linked to sales, and the key to promotion is how to connect with sales. But whether we can achieve unified cash collection is a problem of profit model setting, not a technical solution.

Retail Footfall analysis is a data accumulation process. The footfall analysis is actually only the result. It is wrong to deduce the reason from the result. There is no current logical method in the market itself. Passenger flow analysis, moving line and hot spot analysis should be used as an effective statistical tool to test the effectiveness of strategies. After several years of data acquisition, the most valuable thing is to see the rules and changes of a certain data in a basically constant state. At present, it is the mode of basic passenger flow + third-party data supplement,