What is the fatigue driving warning system?

- Jun 02, 2020-

So what is the fatigue driving warning system? How does the fatigue driving early warning system work and how to guarantee the driver to give early warning in time when fatigue driving and danger appear?

Fatigue driving early warning system refers to that once the driver's mental state declines or enters into shallow sleep, the system will give voice prompt, vibration warning, electric pulse warning respectively according to the driver's mental state index to warn the driver that he has entered fatigue state and needs to rest, and at the same time automatically record relevant data for future reference and identification. Its function is to monitor and remind the driver's own fatigue state and reduce the potential harm of driver's fatigue driving. Many countries pay more attention to the research work of fatigue driving early warning system. The early fatigue driving evaluation is mainly from the medical point of view, with the help of medical devices.

At present, the fatigue driving early warning system (DMS) is based on the driver physiological and other non physiological signal changes to collect, analyze and process, and judge whether the driver is in fatigue and sleep state. The fatigue driving system based on image processing mainly consists of the following modules:

The front-end of the system is the image acquisition module. The camera equipped with image sensor will collect images at all times to ensure that the driver's facial features and limb images can be collected in all kinds of environments and all-weather. Achieve timeliness and accuracy, no delay monitoring.

The image acquisition module is mainly responsible for the continuous image acquisition, while the image processing module is to analyze and process the collected image, which needs to be digitized, de-noising, filtering, reconstruction and other processing for each frame of image, and then transmitted to the central processor to optimize the results continuously by using the image processing algorithm, and then output the results, through the indicator light and sound for early warning.

The whole system mainly uses the driver's facial features, eye signals, head movement features to infer the driver's fatigue state, and gives alarm prompt and takes corresponding measures, which is conducive to the driver to judge the vehicle state more intuitively and provide active and intelligent security for the driver and passengers.