What is PTZ?

- Aug 01, 2017-

Security Monitoring equipment Concept Pan/tilt/zoom shorthand, on behalf of the cloud Platform omni-directional (left/right/up and down) movement and lens zoom control, usually referred to this word, can be understood as a popular PTZ control.

In the context of camera surveillance, when a moving target occurs, the user can manually lock (for example, by clicking the mouse to lock the target) or the preset position automatically triggers the locking of a moving target. To trigger a PTZ camera for autonomous PTZ tracking, and to automatically control the PTZ camera's cloud platform for full rotation, visual-guided automatic tracking of the targeted moving target to ensure that the tracking target continues to appear in the center of the lens, The automatic PTZ tracking module makes up for the shortcomings of the fixed camera's narrow vision, and is a necessary function of the perfect security monitoring system.