What is Lane Departure Warning Systems

- Dec 14, 2019-

New ADAS Technology:

Lane Departure Warning Systems

Lane Departure Warning Systems help drivers to keep their vehicles in its lane and help in reducing on-road collisions. These systems generate audio-visual alerts if the vehicle starts deviating from its lane. Lane departure warning systems use a small camera mounted near the rearview mirror to recognize the striped and solid lane markings. When the vehicle starts deviating from the lane without an appropriate turn signal, this system triggers an alarm to react to.

The lane departure system uses the camera installed on the windshield of the rearview mirror in the vehicle to identify the lane line information. When the driver is unconscious (without turning on the steering light) to deviate from the lane, the system will send out a beep alarm, and the instrument will show which side of the lane line the vehicle deviates from