What is Intelligent Transit Bus System

- Oct 19, 2018-

The overall solution of the urban intelligent public transport management system is based on the combination of advanced and mature technologies, the integration of advanced management concepts, the profound understanding of public transport business needs and passenger transport characteristics in the process of providing products and technical services to dozens of public transport enterprises and relevant government departments in more than 20 cities. After years of practical application, a set of integrated information management platform suitable for China's public transport industry has been formed. It will optimize the public transport management mode, improve the management level and operational efficiency of public transport enterprises, reduce enterprise management costs, reduce enterprise operating costs, reduce operational safety risks, improve transport capacity and capacity capacity, improve work efficiency and operational timeliness, and improve passenger-oriented service and scientific service water. Peace, create scientific and technological public transport, humanistic public transport, harmonious public transport, fully reflect the priority of public transport, create public transport advantages.

The solution is composed of several subsystems, covering all aspects of public transport management, design and operation production, technical equipment, material management, human resources, integrated office, and so on, and thus constitute a bus operation enterprise intelligent management of the overall solution.

Other applications in the field of intelligent public transport

1.1 scheduling management system

Intelligent vehicle terminal equipment adopts many advanced technologies such as H.264 video decompression, GPS positioning and Internet of Things. It can realize position monitoring, video monitoring, intelligent dispatching of local video storage, 3G network video transmission, radio frequency card data acquisition and transmission, vehicle operation information acquisition and transmission, GPS automatic station and position warning, etc. Function, and support video loss, hard disk fault alarm and upload functions, to achieve intelligent equipment and system maintenance.

1.2 vehicle monitoring and dispatching system

Landing vehicle monitoring and dispatching system, dispatchers can monitor the geographical location of all vehicles in real-time through GIS monitoring or WEB monitoring, view real-time road conditions; and can communicate with the driver voice, real-time video surveillance screen. By dispatching simulation diagram, the operation status of the line can be visually displayed. According to the actual operation needs, dispatchers issue dispatching plans to drivers, and generate various operational statistical tables in real time.

1.3 statistical reporting system

Statistical report system, in addition to querying and counting all kinds of operating data generated in the intelligent dispatching and management system of the station, can also generate the daily, monthly or any time period of operating data and income data of each branch, line, bicycle, single person statistical report forms, to meet the business needs of public transport enterprises.