Watchdog Lunch Mini Car Dash Cameras System

- Dec 24, 2017-

Function comparable to "black box" the United States launched car dash camera

Recently, the China Watchdog company developed a car video dash camera, same as the aircraft "black box", the system can clearly record the driver before and after the emergency situation.

Function comparable to the 'black box' , Watchdog Eelctronics launched wireless car video recorder system.

According to Watchdog, the car dvr is the only in-vehicle video solution with integrated CER (Critical Event Reporting) system, with front-facing and driver-facing cameras recording drivers' operation and vehicle travel in real time, including acceleration, emergency braking, Stop waiting. In case of an accident, the user can retrieve a high-definition video of the period of time according to the specific time and understand the specific operation of the driver at the time. This has a very positive effect on fleet management and police investigation in the future.

According to statistics from the Federal Highway Administration, deadly accidents caused by the collision of trucks with sedans are often caused by improper operation of sedan drivers. However, when the accident was finally ruled, trucking companies assumed more than 90% of the responsibility. And in this regard, our car mobile dvr system has just come into play, can provide strong evidence for the judgment of the responsibility of the accident.

The Car DVR has a driver-oriented camera that monitors drivers' driving in real time, but protects the driver's privacy better since it automatically shuts off during off hours. "Today, vehicle travel and fleet management issues get more and more users attention, our car recording system just to meet this demand.Watchdog  are willing to make efforts to provide users with more help."