Watchdog Electronics Bus People Counter and Software Advantages

- Jan 22, 2018-

Intelligent bus passenger flow statistics system, the front-end cameras can be installed in front of the bus, back door, front / rear of the car, respectively, for each bus station statistics traffic and the number of passengers in the car. Users have different ways and means to remotely access the terminal device. Through the software platform or direct IE access to real-time video monitoring vehicle dynamic information, accurate passenger flow statistics, and monitor the statistical area settings

High system statistics accuracy In the standard monitoring area environment, the number of statistical accuracy as high as 95% or more

Video images and statistics intuitive

Intelligent Video Passenger Counter--- BPC, extracted from the video screen provided by the fixed camera in the movement area, according to these movement area statistics, video and data intuitive and clear.


Multi-channel simultaneous statistics

System to achieve multi-channel video data statistics, with high real-time and accuracy of identification and statistical speed

Recognition process from the clothing color, ethnic color, hair color, luggage and other factors, the recognition speed can be met

Practical application requirements.

Data report generation in various forms

The system can carry out statistical analysis on historical data by year, month, day and hour, generate reports, provide powerful references for management and decision-makers, and check video and video viewing modes at any time.

The system can adopt the network structure mode, managers and decision-makers can remotely view the population data and images of branches in different regions through the Internet, or use dedicated video software to browse.

Easy to Operate System

System is simple, user-friendly design, easy to use, easy to connect and install.

Stand-alone work, no computer hosting, the system is stable, powerful data storage and backup mechanism