Visitor Counter system of the exhibition museum

- Dec 25, 2017-

As a public activity place, exhibition hall and museum are important sightseeing spots in the city, as well as the landmark scenic spots of the city as an international modern cultural site. The security management of museums is an important part of social security management. The effective control and real-time management of the visitor traffic volume in the venues is the key of the museum's public security management. The application of the passenger flow statistics system in the cultural and sports industry provides a basis for the relevant management to grasp the flow of the library in time, conduct personnel grooming and arrange the booth reasonably. It is bound to improve the efficiency of daily work to the maximum extent and avoid the occurrence of sudden events such as congestion and riots.

Visitor Counter system of the exhibition museum

The system is applied to the museum and the museum, the museum can help managers understand the first time the number of stranded people, take timely measures to control traffic, to prevent security incidents; to display traffic and change trend in real time, to arrange the tour route, effectively ensure the normal Stadium Tour order; be able to query output by annual passenger flow statistics, the support of the data of operation status, global control.

The visitor flow statistics system of the exhibition museum provides decision support.

1. link LED display in real time broadcast in the library traffic, can watch real-time video.

2. vigilance control, the number of personnel in the region can be set up to control the area of personnel density.

3. statistical functions, according to different time granularity, different time period, to the channel import and export, regional detained personnel to produce various kinds of reports.

4. passenger flow can generate year-on-year or annular passenger flow data and forecast the future passenger flow of the exhibition hall.

5. to monitor the spatial distribution of passenger flow, and to calculate the capacity of passenger flow in different regions.

6. through the understanding of the spatial distribution of passenger flow, the rational planning of the tour route of the pavilion will be made to avoid the congestion of the passageway.

7. according to the characteristics of the time and spatial distribution of passenger flow, the staff should be rationally distributed to the field order maintenance and cultural relic protection.

8. control the passenger flow in the library, such as the special situation, the first time staffing personnel to dredge, effectively alleviating the pressure of the passenger flow in the library.

The passenger flow statistics system makes the statistics of the personnel in and out of the exhibition museum, and forms the data and analysis of the passenger flow. It can provide a strong reference for users to allocate personnel, allocate products, promote sales, evaluate performance and make decisions, which is beneficial for users to manage efficiently.