Video People Counting For Public Traffic

- Jan 13, 2018-

People Counting--Public Transport Station and Vehicles 

In the public transport place such as subway, bus station, long-distance steam station, our video passenger counter is installed and deployed to accurately grasp the passenger flow situation in public transport places, providing accurate data basis for security precaution, operation dispatching and emergency evacuation.

Traffic Flow Statistics in Subway and Buses

- Stop Passenger Flow Statistics

Master the flow law of the platform, evaluate the bearing capacity of the platform, and the important data reference of the alarm, evacuation and security plan.

- Station Passenger Flow Statistics

To master the law of the flow of people in the station hall, to evaluate the vehicle carrying capacity, to adjust the vehicle operation plan, to evacuate and to protect the early warning, should be the reference of the data.

- Transfer Flow Statistics

Evaluate transfer capacity, grasp the trend of passenger flow, and evaluate the rationality of the operation of the facilities

- On and Off passenger Statistics

Controlling the overloading of vehicles and mastering the necessary position of the overall passenger flow in the station