Video People Counter to help increase super market passenger flow

- Feb 24, 2019-

To learn and increase the passenger flow and popularity is a criterion for judging supermarket operation, so how to increase supermarket passenger flow is a difficult problem that managers want to solve. The high popularity means that the supermarket has good operating efficiency, which can provide a reference for future business planning. As the popular choice, Watchdog video people counter system can help to realize the target.

How to increase the passenger flow of supermarkets has always been a topic that managers must talk about. Therefore, after a lot of experience, we know that we should pay attention to the display of goods, services, product quality, publicity, environmental atmosphere and other aspects to improve.

Outstanding novelty in decoration makes people have the desire to enter the supermarket to consume; and the goods displayed in place can meet the needs of customers and thus consume; good quality of products and service attitude, can promote customer consumption is also an important factor in increasing returnees; and also is the propaganda strategy, a good reputation is able to continuously attract customers to consume. .

But these have been done, or did not get the desired effect? This has put supermarket operators in a dilemma, after all, it can not achieve results, and today's market competition is so fierce, if we do not improve to find solutions, we will face elimination.

Therefore, for large supermarkets, it is necessary to support effective passenger flow data, so as to improve business management according to changes in passenger flow, so as to enhance passenger flow. And the data source needs the passenger flow counter, so to know the method of supermarket passenger flow, we need this device to realize intelligent automatic identification of passenger flow and counting.

How does passenger flow analysis and statistics increase supermarket passenger flow?

Watchdog 3D video people counting system can help superamarket to get accurate data to judge the trend and passenger structure, because supermarket is a complex gathering place of personal flow, and the majority of the population is elderly, this kind of crowd is based on the principle of head and shoulder recognition of single-eye passenger flow statistics can not be effectively identified. Generally, the video passenger flow system is mounted on top of the entrance and exit to ensure the accuracy of counting.

By deploying passenger flow statistics points in all channels connected with the outside world, the overall passenger flow data of large supermarkets can be obtained. It is the most intuitive way to evaluate the performance of a supermarket by mastering the amount of passenger flow in the supermarket.

However, the obtained passenger flow data can be analyzed to understand the real-time changes in passenger flow. After past experience, operators can do the right things at the right time to improve the performance of supermarkets.

There is also a combination of passenger flow system and POS consumption system, which can understand the general situation of conversion rate. Thus, the misplacement of commodities can not only attract a large number of passengers to stay, but also meet the daily needs of customers to promote purchase and bring more sales opportunities.

Summarize, through introducing the traditional supermarket how to increase passenger flow, and then to the statistical method of large supermarket passenger flow, the last is to share the passenger flow analysis and other aspects, increase supermarket passenger flow in a variety of ways, can achieve the best results is the planning reference based on the analysis of large passenger flow data.