Traffic Analysis Reference

- Nov 26, 2018-


The passenger traffic video statistical analysis system is based on the intelligent tracking and recognition technology of moving targets, and uses artificial neural network (ANN), key feature matching algorithms and intelligent statistical models (bus people counter, passenger counter face recognition) to specify a single Or moving objects in multiple video surveillance areas to track, using the principle and method of pattern recognition to detect and identify moving objects, to determine whether it is a human body, thereby accurately detecting the number of customers passing through the area. Through video motion detection, intelligent analysis, and key feature matching, real-time processing is performed by extracting key features of the human body (excluding interference from arms, legs, backpacks, luggage, carts, clothes, hats, etc.). Perform motion analysis, target tracking and feature classification on pedestrians in real time, and accurately detect the number of customers in the passing area. This technology is also the latest development direction in the field of customer number analysis technology.

Second, chain store solutions

1, product overview (bus people counter, passenger counter face recognition)

Chain operation is an effective way to make retail enterprises operate in a large-scale and organizational modernization. It is a number of enterprises that operate similar goods or services. Under the same headquarters management, they carry out common business activities in accordance with a unified operation mode, in order to obtain a scale advantage and a shared scale of profitable business forms and organizational forms. Chain stores are spread across urban and rural areas, forming a strong retail network, just like a chain of interconnected chains.

However, the large span of the chain operation area also brings more challenges to the relevant management parties. How to timely and effectively obtain the passenger flow information of different storefronts, and quickly grasp the first-hand data of each store to become a chain operation. A big problem in management. The video passenger flow statistics system provides the best solution to this problem.

2, product advantage (bus people counter, passenger counter face recognition)

-High precision, strong adaptability

· Model-based machine vision technology, accurate positioning and tracking of pedestrians, statistical accuracy rate of more than 95%;

· In extreme cases such as large-density passenger flow, the statistical accuracy can still reach more than 90%;

·The system has strong anti-interference ability, can effectively distinguish the shadow of people and objects, and is not affected by factors such as light changes, black carpet, and rapid movement;

- Powerful passenger flow analysis management function (bus people counter, passenger counter face recognition)

· Powerful central data processing capabilities to efficiently manage data for 100,000 cameras for decades;

· Strong system compatibility, using standard XML communication D;

· Support multi-level networked system architecture, enabling multi-user login and rights management;

· Rich and diverse data display methods, intuitive reports, various types, and can realize personalized customization of reports;

- high stability

·The front end adopts embedded equipment with high integration and low failure rate, which can be protected from viruses; (bus people counter, passenger counter face recognition)

· The center adopts professional data management server, which is stable and reliable.

·The system is equipped with UPS power supply to avoid data loss caused by sudden power failure;

·The system has an automatic detection mechanism, and the device can be automatically restarted in case of power failure or network disconnection;

- low operating costs

·High hardware integration, low power consumption, power saving, space saving, easy maintenance; (bus people counter, passenger counter face recognition)

- Independent intellectual property rights

· Complete independent intellectual property rights, with multiple software copyrights and patents related to passenger flow statistics systems;