Tourist People Counter Help Smart Scenic Managment and Marketing

- Dec 29, 2019-

Big data is widely used. It records a series of constantly changing user behavior processes, deeply understands the needs of tourists and efficiently analyzes information to make predictions. To realize the big data of tourism industry, we should learn how to use and develop the big data.

Big data is mainly used in tourism market segmentation, tourism marketing diagnosis, scenic spot dynamic monitoring, tourism public opinion monitoring, etc. Through tourism big data, the analysis of tourist portraits and tourism public opinion can effectively improve the ability of collaborative management and public service, and promote the reform of tourism service, tourism marketing, tourism management and tourism innovation.


1. People counting and detection

Intelligent scenic spot people counter and footfall analysis platform, footfall counter data inside and outside the scenic spot, real-time passenger footfall data, total passenger footfall, regional passenger footfall ranking, length of stay of tourists, number of passengers in each period, historical passenger footfall and other data, which are displayed in the form of charts.


The monitoring personnel can view the number of real-time passenger footfall at the corresponding monitoring point in real time, and improve the capacity of early-warning disposal through real-time monitoring and early-warning processing of key passenger footfall monitoring areas in the panoramic area.


2. Analysis of the relationship between scenic spots and public opinion

Comprehensively grasp the tourist footfall dynamics and the tourist trajectories of the scenic spot, understand the correlation between scenic spots, and assist the scenic spot adjustment and combination decision-making.


At the same time, using big data for public opinion monitoring has the advantages of fast discovery, complete information and accurate analysis. Negative public opinion can be found at the first time, the public opinion of tourists can be fully understood at the first time, and the platform can timely reflect the latest public opinion information.


3. Tourist footfall heat map display

Statistics of tourist density, and support the display of analysis results data in different colors on the corresponding positions of the electronic map, so as to realize real-time and intuitive display in the form of passenger footfall heat map.


4. In depth analysis of passenger footfall data and generation of crowd portrait

Relying on the massive internet tourism big data, the paper analyzes the data of the proportion of male and female tourists, the age structure of tourists, the source area of tourists, the attributes of tourists' consumption habits, etc., and displays the intuitional data in the form of charts and tables, so as to form valuable basic marketing data, provide important data support for precise marketing, and promote the exploration and development of good tourism products and enterprises Provide important basis.


5. Internet precision marketing promotion

Each of the marketing work of tourism industry is closely related to the collection and analysis of big data, and the following two aspects are the most important in the marketing work of tourism industry. The first is to fully understand the market information, grasp the dynamics of the tourism market and know the market position of the products through data acquisition and statistical analysis; the second is to analyze the consumption behavior and value orientation of tourists by accumulating and mining tourism industry data, so as to better serve and develop loyal tourists and carry out accurate marketing.