The Structure of Intelligent Bus Transportation System

- Jan 25, 2018-

Intelligent transportation system is closely combined with the actual situation of the current city public traffic, with the help of advanced science and technology, combined with the humanized design concept, construct a set of sophisticated, complex and huge bus network video surveillance management system, to provide visual management services for the operation of public transport system, so as to provide convenient public travel services, provide strong guarantee for the safety of public travel.

The vehicle monitoring system via the on-board Mobile DVR, bus camera, microphone, emergency alarm button, as the audio and GPS information collection, storage, transmission and management system to the center through the built-in 3G/4G module Mobile DVR; vehicle scheduling system to achieve bus scheduling function through the intelligent transportation scheduling screen, and can be extended and connected to the car horn, bus card, in wheat, LED screen, screen media release information. By integrating the original GPS positioning system, bus station system, video surveillance system, bus card system and media publishing system, the system is integrated into the same system. Can upload collection data or download updated data, and centralized management with the center to generate operational statistical reports.


The transmission network includes two parts: the wireless mobile communication transmission link and the fixed line transmission line. After receiving the data information from the front end bus, the communication base station is sent to the fixed line dedicated line through the gateway for the monitoring center to use.

The central management system is the core of this system, and it is the place to carry out daily monitoring, bus dispatching and emergency command. The center management system to achieve the control of vehicle front system through the wireless network, realize the audio and video surveillance, GPS positioning, vehicle line management, vehicle scheduling, voice intercom, alarm processing and other functions, and can upload the data storage, summary, generating background management reports, vehicle maintenance management, line operation management and other functions.

The bus station monitoring system is mainly composed of analog camera, DVR host, switchboard, video analysis server, and it can connect dispatching indicator, attendance machine, broadcast, alarm device and so on. Through a complete set of equipment, the safety management of the bus station is realized.

The information issuing system of bus electronic stop sign connects the monitoring center of the bus company through 3G or cable network, and displays the information of vehicle arrival immediately. It has the functions of advertisement circulation, weather forecast and other public information broadcasting.

The terminal equipment of the intelligent bus mainly includes the vehicle engine, the driver's operating screen, the electronic station card, the camera and the barley.

Bus vehicle host and driver's operating screen

The host vehicle and driver operation screen is the main equipment installed on the bus, to achieve GPS vehicle positioning, driving record, image capture, import function station reporting, electronic fence, mileage statistics, speech manual / automatic station report, voice intercom function, service broadcast, data, image storage, information display, video camera emergency alarm, driver attendance etc..

The basic principle of bus intelligent electronic station card system:

For the already installed vehicle positioning system of GPS bus, the bus location data released to the control center server through wireless network, calculate the real-time vehicle arrival information, send the calculation result to the installation of intelligent stop wireless communications device or optical fiber communication, forecast and information on the LED screen or LCD screen release.


1, the electronic bus stop displays the arrival information to the passengers in a dynamic way of the bus stop. Passengers can be very clear about how many stops to the station and the number of buses ahead.

2, the electronic station card LCD LED screen can play news programs, and can also play commercial advertising, which can increase the operating income of the bus enterprise. When necessary, the government announcements and emergency announcements are issued.

3, in the monitoring and dispatching center, the site video can be viewed in real time through the electronic station card camera, and the traffic traffic is scheduled for the actual human traffic.

4, the electronic station board camera can be used as a traffic surveillance camera to monitor the bus's daily operation, vehicle entry order and driving style.

5. The electronic station card is an important public infrastructure, and its video monitoring function can provide some important video information for the public security.