The Introduce of Watchdog Bus Passenger Counter and IPAS

- Jan 22, 2018-

Reese vehicle passenger flow statistics system is an advanced intelligent traffic monitoring system, which uses Watchdog Electronics advanced statistical algorithm and the world's leading video analysis and pattern recognition technology, through the static or walking video in different categories Shape detection, tracking and statistics of living bodies (human head and shoulders) to accurately and real-time calculate the number of people passing through the area.

In the real-time video surveillance at the same time on the designated area and the direction of the crowd traffic statistics. The statistical accuracy of the number of people in more than 95% of the real bus environment. Can be widely used in live statistics and restrictions on the occasion, to provide managers with real-time, intuitive and accurate traffic data is conducive to more efficient management and organization of work, passenger flow statistics directly affect the accuracy of the operation of the intelligent transportation system and Bus operating efficiency.

The purpose of using bus passenger counter and passenger flow statistics system mainly has three aspects:

First, by sorting out and analyzing the basic situation of passenger transport of passenger buses, providing corresponding data for the decision-making work of traffic management departments and passenger transport companies so as to formulate a reasonable and efficient operation solution for passenger operations;

Second, by collecting and mastering the changing rules of passenger flow, it is necessary for passenger management departments to arrange plans rationally, to balance the capacity of transport, to achieve the rational allocation of transport conductors, dispatchers and equipment, and to provide the basis for decision-making.

The third is to provide a powerful guarantee for the economic operation of the passenger transport system by counting the number of passengers and analyzing whether the vehicles are overloaded, whether the transport capacity is full, whether the passengers are embezzled, whether ticket fares are aborted by passengers, etc. according to the results of the statistics.

Intelligent Bus Passenger Counting Flow Statistics System-IPAS Analystics adopts vehicle intelligent video people counter--- BPC, integrated intelligent video counting algorithm, 9-36V wide dynamic power supply and shockproof structure; 3G module (optional) for wireless network transmission; GPS module (optional) Vehicle positioning, tracking management. Mainly used for real-time monitoring of the car's internal conditions, video at the same time, to achieve the number of people in the car and passenger traffic on and off an effective statistics, generate data reports. Through these accurate data, we can know the traffic of people in each time zone, each bus, every station and so on. Using these data, we can make use of the intelligent dispatching system to make the public resources fully utilized.


  • Intelligent vehicle passenger flow statistics system includes the following aspects:

  • long-distance passenger to send the type of passenger and destination statistics

  • passengers on board the number of statistics

  • When the number or the vehicle exceeds the preset limit, the system will automatically warn the user to start emergency plan (such as overload, crowded, stampede)

  • According to the time of day, week, month, quarter, year and other cycle statistics of the state of passenger traffic and provide trends in the analysis and comparison function

  • prevent passenger fare evasion and Division passenger corruption

  • sub-line capacity and traffic statistics

  • delivery capacity and actual traffic statistics

  • holiday passenger statistics

  • Passenger statistical records query or statistical analysis results generated report can be exported as an Excel file or print