The benefits of face recognition to door control

- Mar 19, 2020-

Processing Program

When using face recognition software for access control, the software compares the face of the person at the entry point with the database of the authorized person to determine whether there is a match. No access, security alert activated.

It is also possible to create a blacklist of people considered a threat and to alert or warn when the individuals on the blacklist appear in front of the cameras at the point of entry.

Algorithmic Technology

The face recognition scheme usually uses Amnesty International as a means of in-depth learning to compare a person's face and determine whether its face is consistent with the database of authorized personnel. In most cases, the scheme does not store the real face image in the database. When you register in the database, the face becomes a face image.

From the perspective of data security, it is important to consider that the facial traceability project cannot be regarded as the original image, even if these facial fingerprints are hacked or stolen, if there is no original software to create these facial fingerprints, it cannot be associated with a specific person.

The benefits of face recognition to door control:

Face recognition can improve access control system in two ways:

The memory requirements for passwords, passwords, access labels, passports, boarding cards, etc. have been eliminated, ensuring a fully automated process without friction.

By using the second level identification standard (double identification or 2fa), the security can be enhanced. In addition to using passwords, passwords, access tags and other methods, other methods can also be used.

In any case, facial recognition can help speed up access control in high activity areas, as it is the fastest available method for biometric authentication and requires minimal interaction between users.

For example, unlike fingerprint scanning, there is no need to touch (in order to be faster and more hygienic), and users do not need to move items such as gloves before interacting with the scanner.

The face recognition scheme also enables people to recognize people's faces from different perspectives, which further facilitates the work of users. Changes in facial expressions, facial hair and accessories (such as hats and glasses) covering the face will not easily affect them.