Smart Video People Counting System

- Nov 13, 2017-

What is the Smart People Counting System?

The intelligent people counting system is a set of advanced population flow statistics and monitoring system designed based on the population statistics algorithm of intelligent video analysis technology, which can accurately count the number of people passing the preset monitoring area during the temple time. The intelligent counting system also has the functions of multi-directional counting and direction of crowd movement. The user can set one or more detection zones as needed, and can also measure the direction of single-directional or bidirectional crowd movement in the temple. According to customer needs, the system can be used independently, but also as an important part of video surveillance software. Intelligent counting system can accurately count the flow of people in the set area, the crowd movement direction, statistics can generate reports, or upload to other industry management software for scientific management and business intelligence management provides an important data source.

System working principle and function

The intelligent video number counting system detects the shape of the living target (the body has no part and shoulder) by the video analysis algorithm, and calculates the number of the target through the temple area and direction to achieve the purpose of accurate statistics. Excellent algorithms greatly improve the statistical accuracy, higher than 95%. The system requires less hardware equipment, mainly through the embedded video analysis software network camera to complete the target detection and quantity statistics.

According to the applicable environment, the population statistics system can be divided into sectional type and regional type. The sectional system is to count the number of people in different directions through a two-dimensional section, which is suitable for the entrances and exits of public places, such as shops, stations, and indoor or outdoor passages. The regional system calculates the total number of people in a designated area in real time.

Features of Smart APC System

1, can be set to the monitored area, the size and direction of the monitoring target, real-time video acquisition on the surveillance area.

2, the dynamic identification of head of the video stream, tracking and statistics.

3, support multiple video software system, real-time statistics and synchronous output statistics

4, video and statistics on the number of video storage, retrieval and playback

5, the number of the area to display the current status, provides a summary of real-time data traffic.

6, the system has the function of data analysis, according to the setting condition of generating a variety of data analysis report.

7, the system provides a variety of communication protocol interface, call the number of statistical data for other software.

Typical characteristics of the system

1, the number of unique intelligent video statistics through video analysis algorithm, target detection and statistics, with real-time and high accuracy.

2, statistical data mining, analysis, provide the analysis reports and data.

3, the number of images can transmit real-time data network changes and related areas

4, can carry out statistical analysis of historical data, and can refer to any time flow conditions

5, the system supports B/S network architecture, managers can use the Internet to access remote browsing and real-time video data stream

6, to provide a variety of data analysis model, while providing an open data interface, can be customized according to the special needs of development.

7, powerful data storage and backup mechanism

8, the number of statistical precision: up to 95%.