Smart Store Customer Footfall Analysis System Solution

- Feb 23, 2020-

Smart Store Customer Footfall Analysis System Solution

The transformation and upgrade of stores, from traditional operation to mobile network O2O mode, is a change of retail revolution. Smart stores are service platforms that integrate big data, smart software and hardware and realize the internet, data and electronic sales of stores through the system. Stores can integrate device-side data, management and marketing through mobile phones, among which data integration. It includes customer flow information, business overview, receipt data, preferential data, order data and so on, while the Shop People Counter System is a statistical analysis tool for smart store data customer flow information.

Smart Store Customer Footfall System

Customer footfall is the core index in the operation of a store. In the daily operation of a store, we can directly judge whether the store is good or bad by the mass of the customer footfall traffic, because the sales data, such as transaction rate, unit price, turnover, depend on the customer flow, that is to say, only when the customer visiting increases, the sales opportunities of the store will increase, transaction rate, customer turnover and so on. Unit prices and turnover will rise accordingly. Therefore, the smart transformation and upgrade of stores requires a customer footfall counter system.

The Smart Store People Traffic Statistics System provides the following decision-making applications:

1. As you can see from a glance at each business activity, the customer flow statistics summarize all the important performance indicators into a data report, which includes customer loyalty, customer flow and sales volume, allowing you to easily compare the effectiveness of each marketing activity.

2. Benefit evaluation of advertising to measure the impact of offline activities on customer behavior in stores.Invest in activities that increase customer flow and foster loyal customers.

3. Return on investment from marketing activities. A successful marketing campaign not only increases daily sales, but also helps you optimize all the values of new customers that each offline campaign solicits.

4. Evaluate the impact of online activities on offline, and detect the impact of online marketing activities on offline shopping behavior.Count the number of new customers and the return rate of old customers.

5. Benefit evaluation of marketing activities, which measures the success of activities not only depends on customer satisfaction, but also on how many new customers the campaign attracts and whether loyalty of existing customers has improved.

6. Marketing campaign planning and intuitive data reports allow the launch of marketing activities to take only a few seconds to come up with ideas, identify target customers and launch activities in one report.

7. Optimize the arrangement to make the data acquisition of the passenger flow statistics system economical and convenient by using the existing facilities in the store or the own sensors of the passenger flow statistics system.

8. Benefit evaluation of sponsored activities, such as sponsoring sports teams or music festivals, not only relies on the cheers of the audience, but also counts how many new customers sponsored activities bring and assesses whether loyalty of existing customers has improved.

9. Evaluate customer loyalty, and easily quantify the loyalty of the customer base in each store by comparing how often customers go to a particular store.

By using Reamol customer footfall counter system, stores collect daily customer information, business information and customer shopping information, and independently generate real-time customer traffic reports, which can be used for large data analysis, better market insight and consumer insight, to help stores operate and manage wisely.