Shopping mall shopping flow statistics

- Oct 30, 2018-

(People counter) Passenger flow information is an important tool for measuring operational status. Number of people passing, including people of all ages/genders

These accurate and quantitative data, study the flow law, not only can get the running status of supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping centers, brand chain stores, but also use these high-precision data to carry out effective organization and operation work; through in-depth customer research , can increase sales opportunities, maximize the sales potential of the store, increase profits. At the same time, for areas with high population density, it can also play a good pre-

Police measures. According to statistics, more than 90% of large-scale shopping malls and chain commercial outlets in developed countries and cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe and the United States have been widely used in real-time passenger flow analysis systems.

The management of China's retail industry has fully recognized the importance of accurate and detailed passenger flow information for store operations, decision-making and analysis. The statistics and analysis of passenger traffic data are generally carried out manually on holidays; some merchants use other methods that do not have high accuracy to conduct long-term traffic statistics. However, because the labor count is inaccurate and does not have long-term, and the infrared method can not do two-way statistics and can not distinguish the accuracy of the number of people in the side-by-side, it can not meet the more analytical needs of today's commercial chain for passenger traffic.

The statistical analysis of passenger flow is an important market research method. With the intensification of commercial competition, the business model gradually shifts from traditional merchants to highly active traders. It is especially important to analyze the characteristics of daily passenger flow.

Shopping Mall Shopping Center Statistics System Solution


The shopping center needs to have a sufficiently accurate and reliable passenger flow monitoring system (people counter+face recognition), which automatically, continuously and accurately counts the traffic and total passenger flow data of each entrance and exit of the shopping mall, accurately reflecting the trend of passenger flow. Provide accurate and timely data reference basis for business management.

This application plan is mainly for the number of customers entering and leaving the shopping center.

Accurate statistics, so as to achieve the data of the number of people entering, leaving, staying and leaving at any time, such as time, quarter, month, year, etc., provide a favorable basis for the development planning and market decision of the shopping center.

Passenger flow analysis is through continuity of passenger traffic to and from the mall

Accurate detection, get its trend over time and contrast between different outlets

Statistics, and based on this, combined with internal information system, deeply analyzes the characteristics of past passenger flow, reveals its internal relationship with shopping mall operation strategy, marketing technology and internal management, objectively evaluates existing promotion benefits, and plans future market strategies for headquarters. Management decision makers provide valuable market information.

The scheme adopts intelligent video passenger flow statistics system, through the advanced number of people statistical algorithm, real-time video monitoring, simultaneous statistical analysis of customer traffic entering and leaving the mall and discriminating customer flow direction, the statistical accuracy rate is higher than 90% in the standard environment. Provide users with real-time, intuitive and accurate passenger flow data, and realize integrated management of shopping malls and customers.

1.1 System Features

Compared with similar systems, the advantages of the passenger counter analysis system (people counter) are mainly the following:

1) High detection accuracy: two-way statistical traffic, the accuracy rate is greater than 90%.

2) Easy installation: the equipment is integrated, the camera is integrated inside, the appearance is beautiful, the network cable is connected, the equipment installation is convenient and simple, and the ground and wall of the passenger flow channel are not damaged.

3) Two-way statistics: the number of people entering and leaving at the same time can be counted in the video range, and the inbound and outbound data can be distinguished.

The number of people inside.

4) Good stability: The system is highly resistant to interference and is not affected by magnetic fields generated by mobile phones, radios, etc.

5) Powerful data analysis function: rich analysis charts, flexible and diverse chart forms, can make full use of passenger flow data information.

6) Provide professional passenger flow data analysis and consulting services, compare customer traffic data, store bag situation (view

Shopping Mall Shopping Center Statistics System Solution

Frequency preview and playback), sales conversion rate, customer unit price comparison, promotional passenger flow changes, etc., to analyze the operating conditions of the mall, and propose effective improvement measures.