Shenzhen Smart Taxi Start Support AI Face Payment

- Dec 09, 2017-

The traditional taxi meter because of its high costs, complicated installation, inspection cumbersome, easy to cheat by the driver and passengers criticized, to enhance Shenzhen taxi industry intelligent supervision, the Shenzhen Municipal Administration of public transport 30 began to put on the new taxi vehicle terminal time pilot taxi, the taxi vehicle terminal has the qualification management, face the driver from the car travel information recognition evaluation initiative push function, support passengers using electronic payment methods to pay.

Smart Taxi Terminal.jpg

The new taxi first delivery time taxi vehicle terminal pilot a total of 12 cars, the vehicle terminal is integrated in the BYD E6 in the taxi, equipped with electronic payment terminal, two channel high-definition security cameras and mobile video recorder.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen public transport administration, compared with the traditional meter, the new terminal is more accurate, and it is not easy to be restructured. The test data show that the measured results of the new terminal mileage 11 kilometers, 30 kilometers, and 60 kilometers are 0.60%, 0.41%, 0.35%, respectively, which are all lower than those of the traditional meter. When the mileage ratio exceeds a certain error, the system automatically alerts the alarm and produces records. In addition, the new terminal mileage meter timing data of single operation by mileage and speed information acquisition of pure electric taxi vehicle, calculate the time according to the terminal clock chip, the communication process with CAN message broadcasting method and terminal interaction, CAN data itself has a high resistance to electromagnetic interference, high rate of error self characteristics therefore, the meter timing data more reliable and not easy to be tampered with.

According to the introduction, the new terminal is more favorable for passengers to supervise the valuation. When passengers get on the bus, the background information will be pushed back by scanning the two-dimensional code of the terminal display and the WeChat public number of the public transport bureau. Passengers can evaluate the service after leaving the car. After the end of the ride vehicle terminal according to the meter timing results directly generate electronic payment information, passengers can choose to pay Alipay, WeChat, bank card or Shenzhen bus card and multi channel electronic payment.

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The reporter understands, the terminal is also equipped with dual HD cameras, in addition it can master the road and the car, also has the function of face recognition, face recognition, sign and return the driver through the sign, through the rear platform to verify the login success, and through the terminal dynamic capture mode to prevent the driver impostor. In addition, through facial recognition, the number of passengers is counted, and the illegal operation of overloading and so on is reduced.

In addition, the taxi price adjustment, the traditional meter need supervision department staff on-site a manual adjustment of the price, but in the smart terminal, send a command to change the background standard, to be completed within a day all the taxi vehicle terminal timing parameter update.