Shenzhen New Taxi Terminal can Recognize Driver Face

- Dec 09, 2017-

It is reported that the taxi vehicle terminal meter timing,CCTV footage recording,,  qualification management, face recognition from the car driver evaluation of bus information active push function for the country's first, to overcome the disadvantages of the traditional meter high costs, complicated installation, inspection, flooding and other tedious cheating.

face recognization.jpg

It is reported that the new odometer terminal will be more precise, when the ratio exceeds a certain mileage error, the system automatically alerts and alarms, and generate alarm records, can timely reflect pricing anomalies. In addition, the new taxi vehicle terminal timing data more reliable and not easy to be tampered with. The taxi price adjustment, send instructions to the background, the intelligent terminal can immediately change the valuation standard, to be completed within a day all the taxi vehicle terminal timing parameter update. The interface can be more intuitive to display the current car price information, more convenient for passengers to supervise. When passengers get on the train, by scanning the two-dimensional code on the terminal display and associated with the WeChat public number of the public transport bureau, the background will push the information of the trip. Passengers can evaluate the service after leaving the car.

According to reports, after the end of the ride vehicle terminal according to the meter timing results directly generate electronic payment information, passengers can choose to pay Alipay, WeChat, bank card or Shenzhen through multiple channels of electronic payment, to a greater extent to meet the public demand for travel.

The face regonization terminal can work for learner cars examation and other management system.