Rear View car camera installation mode

- Aug 01, 2017-

The first is the installation of license plate lights in the middle of the position, mainly the general-purpose plug-in car camera, with the two screws can be fixed, easy to install, do not damage the original car; This camera is suitable for models that have no handle in the middle of the two-license plates.

The second is installed in the license plate light location, is the original car license plate light removed, and then the camera just stuck in the license plate light position, easy to install, there is a small part of the need for screws fixed;

The third is installed in the license plate lamp in the middle or side of the gap, the car camera directly into the gap location, installation is also very convenient; some alternative handles.

The fourth kind is installs in the license plate frame, uses the two anti-theft screws on the license plate frame to be fixed can;

Finally is installs under the license plate frame The bumper position, is drilling a hole above, then the car camera presses into the adjustment good direction can, looks very beautiful.