Reamol 3D Footfall People Counter

- Feb 23, 2020-

Decorative design is easy to install and apply

Reamol series of vertical binocular passenger counter are structurally flattened with two 1/3 CMOS sensors built in, and the front panel is made of acrylic material. The interior of the cameras is a double lens that looks like the human eye and combines aesthetics with a sense of technology. Its analysis processor is pre-embedded within a camera and does not require additional equipment to be configured.

The whole people counter has novel design, exquisite production and decorative features. For specific applications, this machine can be used for indoor and outdoor types. The indoor type can be used for 2.5m-6m mounting height, and 2.8mm and 4mm type lenses can be selected accordingly. For outdoor applications, this machine can use 2.8mm and 4mm lenses and can be mounted to 4m height.The outdoor machine also has IP67 high dust, water and moisture protection level, and built-in infrared supplementary light, which ensures all-weather data collection in outdoor environment.

Another major feature of reamol footfall counter is that it is very convenient to debug and turn on. It loads configuration software on the debugging computer, connects the computer to the network, opens the client and enters the IP address of the camera, then connects with the camera, displays the video of the camera's door channel, and calibrates it. The debugging and opening is completed.After calibration, the camera will automatically generate a red detection range box. At this time, as long as you drag the Yellow detection line to the appropriate location, the device will automatically carry out passenger flow statistics. Operators do not need professional debugging ability or experience, they will see it immediately. Therefore, system debugging is convenient and applicable.

Vertical Binocular Stereo Visual Accurate Statistics of Passenger Flow Data

Video detection of passenger counter often encounter a series of interference factors, such as carts, suitcases, people wandering, crowding and overlapping, people not entering, etc. In addition, users need special applications, such as children entering and leaving counts, which often occur in practical applications.

In order to overcome all these disadvantages, Reamol passenger flow statistics camera uses dual cameras in hardware and three new technologies in software, namely binocular stereo vision technology, 3D target detection and tracking technology, and height filtering technology, which can not only accurately calculate the number of people in and out, but also effectively filter out disturbing objects, so that the accuracy of passenger counting can reach up to 97%.

Binocular stereo vision technology uses the parallax of two images taken by two cameras to construct a three-dimensional scene. After detecting the target, it obtains the three-dimensional information of the target by calculating the position deviation between the corresponding points of the image, and can accurately distinguish pedestrians from interfering objects such as carts and suitcases with a three-dimensional stereo view.

The 3D target detection and tracking technology, that is, the camcorder starts tracking when people appear in the image, and it does not determine whether the counts are counted until people leave the image, which effectively filters out the possible duplicate counts caused by wandering, and is not affected by crowded and partially overlapping people, greatly improving the statistical accuracy in complex environments.In addition, people who only pass through the doors but do not enter can be detected, and access rate data can be provided to achieve diver analysis.

For height filtering technology, you can customize the height of the person who needs to be filtered after you have the height information of the target. For example, children less than 1.2 meters can not count them, so that passenger flow data can be associated with ticket returns, customer purchasing power, and so on.With a height filter set, people below that height are no longer counted.

All kinds of applications corresponding to the above three types of technologies are simulated during the actual measurement. The system responds promptly, the client statistics are displayed correctly, and no errors are found.

Network application is convenient for statistical display and intuitive

Passenger counting program stored in the front-end camera's own memory can be easily viewed and exported through the client or browser, through the free cloud service platform, its historical passenger counter can be displayed by selecting daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports and annual reports; you can choose the type of statistics, that is, the number of entries, departures and passes; you can also choose the statisticsTime, query the corresponding time of passenger data, and visually display through lists, column charts, line charts, and other three ways, and export to the Excel table.

Counter Features

1. Novel design, two built-in image sensors, using binocular stereo vision technology and 3D target detection and tracking technology, can achieve more accurate passenger flow and walking direction discrimination function;

2. There are corresponding models for indoor and outdoor use, which makes installation and debugging easy;

3. Strong applicability of the equipment, supporting lightning protection, surge protection and anti-static;

4. Passenger flow statistics are accurate. Passengers enter and leave and pass by are counted. Days, weeks, months and years are displayed and output. Clients and browsers are supported to view data.

5. Support third-party platform access to passenger flow data

Rui Eye Passenger Flow Statistical Camera has the following remarkable features: accurate statistics, suitable for crowded places, complicated people and objects; easy construction, exquisite and beautiful equipment; powerful and unified