Protection & Security Technology Guard Unmanned Business

- Dec 16, 2017-

In the near future, the word "no one" has been widely mentioned and seems to have permeated all walks of life. Some people say that no one has come! With the development of automation, large data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the robots that appeared in the former science fiction films have taken the place of the human beings more and more close to the reality. Indeed, with the rise of the unmanned stores in the second half of 2017 and the new era of the era of self access, the business mode of "no man" has opened the door of "no man's economy".

A market report shows that the unmanned economy experienced the embryonic stage of development from 2013 to 2016, and came into an explosive development in 2017. In addition to the emergence of start-ups, e-commerce and retail giants have also laid out unmanned economy. At present, the field of the unmanned economy involves four categories: retail, entertainment, life and health, which are distributed in ten subdivision areas. Among the four main types, the capital of the retail sector is the most concentrated and the number of start-ups is the largest.

In fact, in my opinion, the unmanned economy is not a temporary rise, and it will not be achieved overnight.

As mentioned above, the unmanned economy has experienced budding development from 2013 to 2016. In my opinion, the birth of unmanned economy may be more lengthy. By now no major economy can be divided into four categories: first, the retail category includes convenience shelves / containers, self-service vending machine, no two, convenience stores; entertainment including mini KTV, doll machine, photo printer etc.; three, life including self-service car wash, smart courier cabinet etc. four, including the health class; no gym, massage chairs and other self-help.

From the above, in fact, such as automatic vending machine, doll machine such as unmanned equipment in fact is not a stranger. Isn't the ATM that I think is a more typical unmanned commercial representative? So the arrival of the unmanned era is not a spur.

Morphologically speaking, ATM, vending machines and other dolls, "None" still remain in the product of unmanned and unmanned unmanned shops, parking lot, will not rise to the level of service mode, and the object also face up to the individual from the group, if the unattended mode definition of ATM is 1 then the version, use more technology of unmanned stores has risen to 2!

The unmanned mode has risen to the 2 edition, incorporating more high-tech intelligence applications, and its service range has risen from "point" to "face". In the current era of unmanned economy, besides unmanned stores, UAVs, driverless cars, unmanned parking lots, unmanned warehouses and unmanned factories are also popular investment projects in the unmanned economic force.

In the case of pilotless driving, people in the industry say that the technology of pilotless technology is now mature, but for some reasons it is not really commercially available. But it can be predicted that automatic driving technology will appear in the public life in the near future, not only the driving form but also a broader form of service.

The unmanned parking lot related to it is easier to get to the ground. In 2017 the Shenzhen Expo has become a hot topic, no parking intelligent traffic hall, many companies launched unmanned parking parking system, and has application projects, industry is the unmanned parking format is discussed.

UAV and unmanned storehouse, as the two leading companies of security and safety, are concerned by Hikvision and Dahua share. They have demonstrated their skills both in the Shenzhen Ambo conference and in the following eleven logistics support. Ali also repeatedly stressed the strength of the storage back this year in the double eleven party. It permeates all kinds of science and technology such as the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine vision and so on.

In the long run, the rise of the unmanned economy is the upgrading of consumer demand for faster, more convenient and diversified consumption. The service industry will also accelerate the change with consumers becoming more and more diversified, technology and fashion, and boost consumption upgrading. "Unmanned economy" embodies the new way of life, the way of production is coming quickly, and also embodies the rapid development of technology and technology. As a member of the security field, we can feel more deeply that in the era of unmanned economy, the integration of multiple technologies is behind the support of security technology. With the development and growth of the unmanned economy, its safety and operability still need to be improved, and the responsibility for security is significant.

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