Principle of tourist people counting and analysis in Express Way Station

- Dec 26, 2019-

Principle of tourist counting and analysis in Express Station:

The reamol people counting system is a process of analyzing, processing and applying the picture by using the computer vision technology. The complete people counter system mainly includes three steps: background learning process, mobile target extraction and tracking, target recognition and behavior analysis.

The number visitor counter system can play different roles in different applications. It can obtain the statistics of the number of people, the people traffic direction of the crowd and the number of people staying in the service area according to different periods of time for the service area, which is conducive to the on-site scheduling management, the judgment of crowd congestion, and the realization of the safe and efficient management of the service area. For the management center of the service area, the management can use the number statistics system to understand the customer behavior and evaluate the service provided by the service area Whether the service facilities are convenient, sufficient, up to standard, etc. In addition, it can also give an alarm in time for potential safety hazards caused by overcrowding of customers in the service area. So the application field is very wide.


Install the binocular people counter at each main entrance

Reasonable networking and clear data.

ECS, no deployment cost


Low cost of network construction

Low requirements for network bandwidth

Low risk of accidents

Passenger flow analysis platform

● customers can remotely view real-time passenger flow data at any time

● according to the comparison between real-time data and real-time average data of yesterday and the same period, understand whether the passenger flow is abnormal, and quickly make corresponding countermeasures

● understand the changes of real-time passenger flow data, reasonably arrange staff resources, and let customers get better services