People Counting or Passenger Counting System Solution

- Apr 03, 2018-

People Counting or Passenger Counting System Solution

Watchdog Electronics provides Video People Counting System  (VPC) which can achieve the basic functions:

Accurate people counting

Total people traffic statistics

Real-time counting the number of people passing

Visitors’ dwell time

Effectively integrate other information management system


Our People Counting System using a unique binocular video camera, can achieve higher accuracy. Focus of humanoid with three-dimensional identification technology (vector method, the world patent technology), can identify three-dimensional shape, realize high speed high density analysis. A very complicated human behavior can be accurately counted.


Leading Accuracy 

Our video people counter adopts unique, movement Tracking,and Three dimensional image processing technology

Higher than 95% accuracy, no matter what the time, no matter how the people walk through under the counting sensor, no matter in any environment condition (weather and lighting ) can maintain a high accuracy;

Processor embedded devices, high reliability and high stability, long service life and won't be attacked by the virus

Can distinguish the people walk-in and walk-out at the same time;

One sensor can identify people flow in Eight directions;

Wider range coverage, can cover 4.5 meters wide; 

Can eliminate influence of image background changes, illumination change, temperature change, and external influences such as trolleys, pushcarts, and shopping cart;

Video people counter can guarantee to store not less than 30 days data captured at the time of network and/or power supply failure.

Easy installation, wiring, and PoE power supply;

Easy setting-up : WEB page based set-up of IP address, subnet mask, in-out direction setting, detection area setting, data transmission interval setting etc.

B/S structure (WEB version) report system, and multiple languages support;

Low power consumption, energy saving and emissions reduction;


Report Software IPAS

The report software for VPC which is based B/S structure. The software has perfect system management mechanism and analysis capability as well as flexible data display function. It can help management to understand and analysis of people flow change.


The Architectural Design of Report Software

The Web based operation interface , make it user friendly, and easy to learn and use

Mouse click can easily make generate the report you need

Built-in powerful statistical analysis function

The ability to elastic expansion in calculation formula and analysis function


Contents Display on Reports

Quick Report: Shows the current total traffic. The data is updated every minute and the sensor updated every seconds;

Provides daily, monthly and yearly Report;

Shows report and graph of the total customer traffic of selected period;

Excel and PDF report export

Provide interface convenient integrated with 3rd party application such as ERP, POS, or CRM system, and can customized interface and reports according to the special demand.